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  1. PM sent... I have one, but it expires tomorrow and Im placing my order on friday... I will happily take it and put it to good use
  2. If youll recall my comments earlier in this thread, I noted an "off flavour" when I first opened my bottle. It went away, or rather softened, into something extraordinary. Now I have to be careful not to drink it too fast. And fyi, I prefer it 5:1 with a half cube of sugar. I prefer to sugar all my absinthe, and after trying oh so hard to prefer it without sugar, I realized why struggle? I like a bit of sugar... Anyway thanks for your comments Jay, it makes me feel less crazy for saying what I did when I cracked the bottle.
  3. I had a bit left in each of my Absinthexplore bottles, so I put the three Clandestines together (clandestine, clandestine alcool du vin, capriceuse. ) and got another glass! Sipping it now while eating some dolmades and spanikopita. mmmmm
  4. Gonna make a go of Brian's Original Recipe this weekend... I use a kitchen rasp for zesting citrus. It works perfectly for all types, including the limes for my Magic Mojito recipe. I will be making G and T's with the resultant tonic, and Hendricks gin. Always like new experiences, will report back
  5. Those are some good choices you made! Welcome to the forum!
  6. I have ordered from Absinthes.com several times with good experience. I always seem to deal with andrew, and he is very helpful.
  7. Spent the afternoon fine tuning my mojito recipe, and I finally found a use for my Absente!! (besides sinking ) 5 dashes angostura bitters mint leaves (5 large leaves ought'a do it) 1 tbsp simple syrup zest and juice of 1 lime muddle add ice 1oz Absente 1oz white rum transfer back and forth from another glass to mix thoroughly top with perrier, transfer to another glass and back one time for final mix. Garnish with mint leaves. I use a glass large enough to get ~4oz of perrier, and half fill with ice. It is quite delicious. It only took me 4 mojitos (today) to get to this point
  8. That would be awesome with a blanche like CLB. I find it to be incredibly refreshing when served super cold.
  9. Just finished a mojito... heres my recipe: 3 oz white rum 1 1/4 oz fresh squeezed lime juice (1 lime) mint leaves 2 tsp simple syrup 3 dashes Angostura bitters Top up with club soda Muddle mint in lime juice, add simple syrup, bitters and rum, add ice to about halfway, top with cub soda. I like to use Parrier if I am only having one or two. For (many) more, I just buy 12's of Canada Dry Club Soda I like using a glass that allows about half a can of club soda to be added.
  10. I dont know what worse. the product, or the comments on the facebook page... Talk about being misinformed...
  11. Artemesia Absinthe EDIT: Maybe this belongs in brand discussion? I dont consider it absinthe, so I put it here.. Mods feel free to move if I am wrong. Cheers!
  12. As a suggestion, try just buying the 3 coloring herbs, and making a concentrated tincture of each. Just figure out how much is in a given amount (say a drop from an eye dropper), and factor that into your experiments. I already have the herbs sitting here waiting to do just that. (or just color the distillates directly with the herbs, I like eyedroppers though, because it feels more scientific ) As an aside, I am a bit concerned about possible early browning of this method, due to the high concentration of chlorophyll... I have seen an absinthe that was way waaaaaay over-colored turn a very definite and dark fuille morte in a very short amount of time. it was stored in a dark amber bottle in a cold dark basement. Either way, next payday the distillates are mine! EDIT: For the less mathematically inclined, take the amount of herbs used, and divide that by the volume of extract. You have 28 grams of pontica in 200ml alcohol, that would make an extract with a concentration of 140mg/ml (0.14g/ml). For more precision, figure out how many drops per ml, and divide 140mg by that number. The numbers here are arbitrary, the final concentration just depends on how much you use.
  13. My first was Hills. Now im sipping a L'Ancienne and have a slowly building collection of premium absinthes. FYI, I am in Canada as well, and have had no problem getting the good stuff. Unfortunately, the US brands are a little harder to get. Welcome! Santé!
  14. Dont feel bad, all I have around here is Taboo. (and a few czechsinthes, but those dont count) I have to order anything of quality... which makes it rather hard to be impulsive. If I want a bottle now, it's taboo. Dont get me wrong, Taboo is actually heading in the right direction, and is miles ahead of where it was a couple years ago, I just wish it were easier to get a variety of good absinthe.
  15. Hope the link gets fixed soon, I have been itching to see this....
  16. I am very much looking forward to trying Pacifique... but due to the difficulty ordering US absinthes, I have to wait and order several bottles all at once. I figure a pack with Ridge Verte and Blanche, Marteau, and Pacifique should be a good US sampler. So many absinthes, so few dollars....
  17. absinthe is the über spirit IMHO. 1. It gets better after being opened. 2. It is a concentrate so a bottle goes a long way 3. you can adjust sweetness to taste (imagine adding sugar to a single malt scotch or wine) 4. It seemingly has an infinite shelf life. 5. You can have a whole bunch of open bottles and not worry about spoilage, allowing you to buy and try many different brands without having to finish a bottle (most spirits share this, but not wine ) I could go on, but I have absinthe to drink
  18. Sipping a glass now, and I am really liking how this is opening up over time. Damn this is good stuff! Still have 75% of my first bottle left, but will have to find some other primo's so I dont finish this bottle too quickly. Mmmm, just took a sip
  19. Ah, was not aware of that... as you were...
  20. A little harsh, no? maybe tarred and feathered, but shot?
  21. so your nephew's friend then? or maybe your nephews friends husband? (cant exclude the fact that his friend could be female)
  22. Technically its 5-OH-DMT, aka bufotenin (from the Bufo Alvarius, aka Colorado river toad). It is a chemical cousin of the more potent n,n-DMT and its effects, though highly psychedelic, are no where near as "cosmic" as n,n-DMT, or even the less colorful 5-MeO-DMT. But I digress...