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  1. Mmmm... I am rather fond of Blackthorn... Too bad you cant get it here... It was rather abundant in Ontario before I moved to BC, so I had my share. I just wish I could get more... oh well, Big Rock makes an excellent cider (rock creek) damn tasty, and seeing as its friday, I may just pick up a 6. Nice and dry. Not like that Growers shit.
  2. Ill have to see if my Parents can grab a bottle for me... they recently retired to San Miguel...
  3. L'Ancienne... starting to sound a bit like a broken record... soon my pretties, soon...
  4. We may have left out the E in Whisky, but YOU left out the U in colour!
  5. http://www.thekitchn.com/whiskey-vs-whisky...s-the-di-100476
  6. Mmm... Irish Whisky can be really good (there is only an 'e' in American Whiskey, btw ) My fav so far is Bushmills 16yo (wanna try the 21 yo). Good stuff I tells ya!
  7. Blues Cat again... Back and forth between BC and L'Ancienne is all I can do unitl my packages start arriving.. then I look forward to these updates
  8. I've got many glasses... I have always wanted one that was decorated for easy measuring. Plus with all the facets, you get some neat optical effects.
  9. Well, I did it again I sold off my coin collection this weekend, and had a few coins that were way more valuable than I thought. Neverthess, all my debt is paid off, and I have lots leftover... I just ordered a fountain, a glass, and a bottle of Perroquet So to recap, 2 tap antique style fountain Glass de lyonnais Jade Edouard EP Roquette EP Maison Fontaine EP Perroquet Zubrsinthe St. Antoine La Grenouille Doubs Mystique Fuille Spoon chrome Toulouse-Lautrec spoon chrome Not bad eh? I cant wait for these to start arriving!
  10. Another glass of L'Ancienne... Getting a little worried, though my bottle is still half full, so I have as many glasses left as I have already had... wait, that's awesome!!
  11. a pinot noir would be my choice... IF i tried it...
  12. Hendricks Gin and Tonic with 1/4 tsp premium balsamic vinegar. Actually adds a really nice overtone to an otherwise standard G & T. He also suggests trying Angostura Bitters (tried it, 4 dashes too much, havent repeated yet to know optimum amount), Liquid Smoke (tiny drop), or a few drops of absinthe. This is good, but I gotta get on this homemade tonic.... I got the stuff, just procrastinating a bit..
  13. Clandestine is quite delicious. I find that its a super refreshing glass of absinthe after a hot day of work.. It works better than most i have tried when ice cold. Not just chilled, but ICE cold. Like add cube to absinthe before louche, in a glass from the freezer or one chilled with packed ice before prep. Lots of ice in the broullier, and another in the glass to bring up to final dilution level (I mark my glasses with a fill line so I know exactly how much is goin in there. Claude Alain Bugnon (sp?) says not to use water which is too cold, which really opens up the drink to explore whats going on in the glass. But for a hot summer day, nothing beats a Clandestine Frappé
  14. Absolutely, I was just kidding... I have placed many orders and havent had a single broken bottle.. Of the ones I ordered that Id recommend however, I cant say, I havent tried any of them except the doubs mystique. That was only a glass from a 5cl sample from absinthes.com's absinthexplore line. I am ordering a bottle after trying it if that is any indication. I find it to be rather minty, It really sticks its head out in the mix. It was too many glasses ago to remember much more, but I will start writing reviews once I have a few more brands under my belt. All I have to say is my Absinthe tasting journal is getting put to good use They are all verte, except La Maison Fontaine which is a blanche.
  15. Ok well, I wanted to take advantage of the free poster, spoon, and 10% off code, so I went ahead and placed another order... I live in Canada, and absinthes.com will only ship either 3 x 70cl, or 4 x 50cl per order... So this time, I went with 4 x 50cl, so I could grab the St. Antoine and take advantage of the absinthe of the month codes. La Grenouille St. Antoine Zubrsinthe Doubs Mystique Toulouse-Lautrec spoon (to make free shipping) Fuille Spoon (free with code) Cat sipping absinthe canvas poster (free with code) So 7 bottles of absinthe, 2 spoons, and a poster... not a bad payday
  16. The fact that the natural course of my thread went to bottle breakage has me concerned... Hey Todd, hijack your own thread
  17. right now im drinking an orange fruitopia from mcdicks while eating a 2012 quarter pounder with cheese. My dad is visiting from mexico (retired there just last year) and brought me a bottle of Reposado Don Julio Tequila. I will probably get into that tonight... want to try nosing it in my Glencairn for a new experience.
  18. Jade Edouard EP Roquette EP Maison Fontaine I think I will pour a glass of L'Ancienne and watch the status screen for the next few days to watch it change to "shipped" I am particularly excited about the Jade, as I have wanted a bottle of Edouard for years. Have heard interesting things about the Roquette, and couldn't resist (afterall, if it werent for limited edition panic, I never would have scored my L'Ancienne.) As for the Maison Fontaine, I wanted a Blanche I havent tried yet. Next order im debating between another jade and perroquet, or a fountain... I REALLY want a fountain... Im setting up an Absinthe den in my basement, and figured a fountain is the best place to start. (and a couple canvas prints)
  19. I thought you said an obscene amount I kid I kid...
  20. I really want to try the Maison Fontaine, I am looking for a third bottle for my next order, and this may be it...
  21. There has been some talk of "get it before its gone" and the like in the "What are you drinking tonight" thread, and I figured Id come here for a little clarification. I was under the impresion that Marteau will be a regularly available absinthe, and not just some limited annual bottling or something. I absolutely want to grab a bottle, but dont want to miss my opportunity... Just looking for a little clarification
  22. wow, this is getting spicy I like my women natural.