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  1. We are working on sample sets for each major producer but if you're in a hurry just email us and we will sort something out.
  2. From my experience of importing Zinfandel into the UK many years ago the UK is fairly relaxed about what comes in from the USA.
  3. LDF had plans to import a range of American absinthe to supply the UK and rest of Europe but the logistics of consolidating a decent range from across the States and onward shiping are considerable. I'm guessing most US producers might want to be available in Europe but don't actually need to be. Might look into this again.
  4. Hi Scott, I'm glad that it worked out for you and your group, it certainly is an educational experience encountering the single botanicals. If you get a favourite blend let me know and we can bottle it for you.
  5. It was one of those strange coincidences. I asked whether I could commission a full set of blending distillates in 20cl and 70cl bottles and Devoille told me they were working on the fun sized packs. We will be stocking those too as I think price-wise they are more suited as gifts.
  6. Those are some of the finest glasses I've seen in quite a while. I didn't realise absinthe had been so popular in Denmark.
  7. The reason our packages arrive so quickly is that we ship directly from warehouse to customer as soon as the order is processed. Some EU vendors consolidate packages and have them bulk shipped once a week.
  8. I've agreed to go quietly. There will be no trouble, nothing to see here folks, just move along.
  9. My kit did not come with any recipes... Sorry about that, I'll send you a pdf.
  10. I hear what you are saying. The recipes provided with the kits were for indication only, so you'd know what actual plants were used and in what proportions. The old distiller's manuals all give recipes for 'absinthe par essences' which are given in grams but would be measuring liquids and these may be a better way of assessing the amounts to use. I will dig some out and post them.
  11. My point was that most news feeds pick up from Google Alerts so this first story will be the one that goes global, regardless of its veracity. I first heard about this yesterday from the Matters, but decided not to post until it became public.
  12. But it is going to create some problems for Oliver and Nicole (Matter) I would imagine?
  13. It looks like the IGP has been accepted. 30 days to appeal: Absinthe receives European protection label
  14. If anyone has perfected a recipe that they would like recreating in a larger amount let me know and I can get it made up for you. I just need to know the ingredient and the amount used.