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  1. thats a nice fire you've got going there. Always wondered what it would be like to experience a cold xmas. we have a bunch of americans working with us who are out buying their turkeys for xmas, told 'em thats gonna be real nice went its 40 degrees outside and you've got the oven on.
  2. Is there anything of interest to do in Chicago mid Jan? all I've been told so far that it will be cold. Sounds great we have been enjoying 35 degrees here and sunny.
  3. ok fixed go to http://www.rccar.com.au/absinthe_melbourne_the_age.pdf and rotate to landscape. Be patient its almost 6 meg say thats a nice trout
  4. Scanned as best I could, got a little wonky at one stage. Sorry article must be too large to attach.
  5. is there any way to display the bottle that will ensure its contents remain intact?
  6. yes another broke fountain... Has anyone come up with a way to repair instead of replacing the bowl?
  7. hello, does anyone know where I can buy the matches that are used in pyrogenes? they dont appear to be the ordinary garden variety. thanks for the help.
  8. I know he sets it on fire but it still looks good. From Hell extract
  9. Absinthe on aussie TV http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2006/s1697908.htm
  10. yes that was me who started that thread. at the time (when this order was placed anyway) he was the only one willing to ship to australia. since this order was placed I have found out that ldf have sterted to ship here as well. oh well.
  11. Do not order from absinthe24 they will take your money and then not deliver your goods. they will overcharge your credit card and unless you query and push them they will not credit the refund. they are a scam and will not deliver. they will not return emails this is from personal experience.
  12. Don't ever order from absinthe24.net If their brain was water they would be a walking drought.
  13. buy a PC much easier (IMHO). Download DVD-AVI, rip to AVI and drop into ulead visualstudio. You can then extract the entire clip or just frames like I did for dracula. Entire process took about 1/2 hour
  14. I'm having some friends over to introduce them to absinthe. Issue is most of the decent absinthes(fixed) are blanches (also most that I have). I would like to offer them some "green" absinthe. I would be grateful if you could suggest a few, please exclude the jade's as no one will send them here. Thanks heaps.
  15. Paul Hogan is ok, for a guy that used to be a painter (he used to paint the sydney harbour bridge) he is done very nicely. Last time I looked personal wealth was over $250 million. Good luck to him.
  16. The only issue I have with them is they don't ship to Australia! Oh well might be a reason to move.
  17. if you havent seen it, here it is. would make a good ad. Link to Bram
  18. absinthe related article from one of australia's least reputable papers. http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2006/01/23/....html?from=top5
  19. I guess we all live and learn. I have emailed LDF to see if they ship to Australia. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the feedback.
  20. Has anyone ordered through absinthe24.com My first order came through to australia super fast 6 days but since then my next order was 12 days and the next one has been 14 days and still nothing. Emailed them and the execuse was they cannot get me my tracking number because there is a bug in the database. is there anyone else better to order through?
  21. Hi, thanks for your feedback. When is Phil going to have some more fountains? AUM - buy through web sites. I guess I did like most people and started out with the czech stuff. My last order was Absinthe Un Emile 68, Absinthe Verte de Fougerolles (VDF), Absinthe Kuebler53. We have been enjoying Abisinthe Lemercier AMER - 72° through the 30+ degree nights That aussie web site is awful, looks like cordial. Are you in melbourne?