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  1. Anyway Revival! I'm Back... Fell outta collecting liquor altogether Was gifted a bottle of grand absente for Xmas (yeah I know....) Although on Xmas we mixed it with egg nog (never had absente egg nog) wow what a treat... Wish egg nog was still around because that's the only use I can think of for it... Any how, Notice there's still no review page for this. And reading some threads after a search makes me wonder I don't see anyone else speaking negatively about this. Was it just mine? It really didn't seem like absinthe at all... It was a light blue clear color even after ice water And tastes of cinnamon only... Sold it to some middle schoolers where I work (kidding I think I gave it to some friends that just like to get wasted) So never got to have a second glass.. But I'm sure it wasn't going to change Can anyone enlighten me about what this mephisto is?
  2. So I never got a chance to try this guy... Which is very disappointing Based from what I read I think it would be an absolute favorite I see now that it's still made but some changes have been made... I can't stand rum I absolutely detest it.. And the mint is gone? The original obsello sounded like a wet dream to me How does the new one compare? And is there still anywhere to buy the original?
  3. Guys ever see this page? Was hoping it was a joke but there's way too much https://czechabsinthe.wordpress.com/2007/05/01/lucid-absinthe/ https://czechabsinthe.wordpress.com/2007/11/28/lucid-absinthes-distiller-on-thujone-confused/
  4. Sen-Sen always tasted like soap to me... I have the same problem - I try to never drink during the day, and during a hot day like today I crave it - but drink water instead haha.
  5. opivy

    Clef du Vin

    Whoa does this guy actually work? I'm gonna have to pick one up.
  6. San Diego eh? We should share some drinks some time.
  7. ah didn't realize there was a relation between style. Flavor is a concern, but can you feel these sediments? or do they just kind of dissolve in the mouth. Thought it would feel like saw dust which doesn't sound too pleasant.
  8. so today after having a glass of mansinthe, I noticed sediment in the bottle... Never noticed it inside of the glass, as it settles at the bottom. But after pouring it out I was in the sunlight and noticed it floating around in the bottle. Checked my bottle of Lucid and same thing. Curious as to how this happens. I have moved the bottles from house to house a few times in a bag with them on their sides - could it be cork? I noticed it's not in my Kübler which cork seems some sort of plastic. Anyways, not too worried about where it came from - but was wondering if you guys have a method to get it out. I'm not down to it in either so it's not a problem yet - but I would like to enjoy the bottle to the last glass and when it comes down to the low area I know that it will be poured out.
  9. Kinda bummed about that. The taste is pretty good - but it's feel is too thin. Like water, with a strong flavor. Find it strange that no one mentioned it in the Mephisto thread - thought my experience might be an anomaly as appearance definitely has it's say in overall opinion. In my introduction thread Someone said that it's the Montmartre american release.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  11. haven't had any time with it at all really so can't comment on the flavor yet. But this color thing might irk me - as well(just noticed you said too).. Looks like water with the tiniest bit of blue food coloring added
  12. so guys, my first real post here. After being told that Mephisto is basically Montmartre in a different bottle I went out and bought a bottle today during break. Made a glass after work, and the louche was not like i've seen in any absinthes I've had so far. It had amazing oil trails, but does not become opaque. It becomes slightly cloudy, but never a solid color. Every absinthe I've ever tried or seen pictures of becomes completely solid - This one is still clear after water is added. Any explanations? Only was able to have a sip as something came up and had to leave it at my GF's house. But as I said, it doesn't become opaque at all - anyone else ever seen something like this? It's also the first absinthe I've bought that has a screw on cap.
  13. In San Diego sadly and from calling around haven't found anything that people here recommend. (we'll some Jade NO) but I think it would be cheaper to order that online... Not looking to spend that kind of money till I get my toes wet. read a lot about pacifique and Marteau, and have thought about ordering some online (although I always have to get someone else to do it for me... Long story, and screw bank of america) Obsello or St.George are my next stop, and if Obsello really has some mint flavor I think I'll really like that one. But I'd really like some opinions. Is there something wrong with my Lucid? Or did my tastes get spoiled with Kübler and Mansinthe. I enjoyed lucid much, but since I bought the others ignored it for a month or so. Now it is literally undrinkable for me.