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  1. I have warm feet. 99% of the time I cant wait to get out of my socks and feel free =P
  2. Thanks for the input! Loads of info there.
  3. Hello there friends. I thought about starting a thread where we could suggest and discuss interesting absinthe pairings, both for cocktails and food. Not sure if anything like this has been done around here... but oh well My first contribution: - I really enjoyed how cucumber played very well with anise flavor.
  4. Its true, the regulation about registering alcoholic beverages only allows spirits up to 54,5% Not sure what style of place you like... but if you have 1 shot, I'd suggest MyNy.
  5. Hello Marcelo. There is no real decent absinthe commercially available in Brazil. These are the brands you'll be able to find: Brazilian Brands available: - Absinto Camargo - Lautrec Absinto - Absinto Birds Valverde Imported brands available: - Absinto Neto Costa (Portugal) - PERE KERMANN´S (France) Out of those the only one I haven't tasted yet is the Birds Valverde. All of the others are artificially colored, very light in flavour and aroma (Camargo is the least bad one, but low on anise), and barely show any louche. The Brazilian laws limits alcohol content to 54,5%abv. So nothing over that can be legally registered here (either locally produced, or imported). Unfortunately I don't live in SP, otherwise I'd invite you over to try my absinthe. Some folks from the community tried it at the GAAF and no one spit it out (at least not while I was watching). Now, when talking about São Paulo, there are a few pretty nice places to taste cocktails. I recently spent a week there doing "mixology research" checking out whats available, and I had a pleasant surprise. I'd recommend: - MyNy - Very nice place, great food and great drinks (including smoked, carbonated and wood aged cocktails, don't foget to try the wood aged negroni, or their Sazerac). Inspired on New York style "Speakeasy". The door resembles a brick wall, so when you get there, you don't see a bar... only when you approach it they open the door revealing the "hidden" bar inside. My favorite place, would go again many times to chill in the nice atmosphere. - Sub Astor - Also a cool place, somewhat hidden as well, its located under the Astor, a traditional bar in SP. Great drink selection, lots of signature drinks. My second favorite, would go back to sip some nice martinis, or to impress a new date. - NOH Bar - Focused on molecular and technological mixology. Very interesting drinks, some using vacuum equipment to insert booze into fruits, some smoked cocktails. Almost everything is "signature". Even tho the cocktails are very good, its not my kind of place. Looks more like a dance club lounge, where you go just "to be seen there", then a bar or pub where everyone is simply enjoying themselves.
  6. I've always been around. I am just more on the quiet side =)
  7. Aint that cool! Wish I had tasted it there with you Crow. I found the touch of cucumber paired really well with the green anise aroma and flavor.
  8. That recipe seems to be on the sweet side of things (4 tbsp sugar)... I also think that the dilution with soda water makes the whole thing come together nicely. Thanks for the comments mates!
  9. Hello there everyone. A few weeks ago I participated in a beer event here in my town, and the promoters asked me to bring my spirits and make cocktails with them. It was great fun, and even thou most people where there for the beers, quite a few really enjoyed finding an alternative. The biggest hit was the Green Beast: 30ml Absinthe 30ml Simple Syrup 30ml Lime Juice 90 - 120ml Soda water (according to taste) 3 Cucumber slices Ice Add Absinthe, syrup, juice and ice, mix well to chill, pour in a Collins glass filled with ice. Garnish with 3 cucumber slices (that will also give out a nice touch of aroma and flavour). Hope y'all enjoy =) Junka
  10. I asked. Its surely not as bad as I thought it could be... Still out of reach at this point tho. But surely doable for a small group of people to share.
  11. I wonder how much would one of those babies go for these days.
  12. Great to see you posting here Abs. It was a pleasure to meet you at the festival, I hope your business does well. I will add you on FB and mae sure to watch your progress. Hope to meet you again sometime in the future. André
  13. Welcome aboard. I will be in Chicago on the first week of June in search of nice places to sample great drinks. Any good suggestions?
  14. This experiment is very interesting, I recommend to everyone. It was the first thing I did when i started researching for my absinthe and my gin. I had about 20 different jars, most with individual ingredients, and a few with different mixtures of ingredients. My wife and I tried them all separate, and then experimented with quite a few blends. It was a great learning tool.