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  1. I too recently bought the gift set. Meadow of love definitely needs a week or two to mellow for my tastes, but once it loses that initial funk it is indeed a delicious drink. My wife and I found that using it as the base for a Death in the Afternoon brings out the violets even more, in a good way. Still, between the two, Walton Waters is my favorite.
  2. That is awesome. I drink tap water and have never bothered with bottled water, so it's tap for my absinthe. I think the expensive waters taste about the same as non expensive brands, the blind taste tests I've read about put Fiji and Evian in the middle even when people go into the tasting claiming them as their favorites, so I don't see any reason to pay more. Tap water is all about location though, if I lived in Arizona where the tap water comes out tepid and hightly chlorinated, then it'd be a different story. The water here is from an aquifer and tastes as good as most bottled waters, so I'll save my money for booze.
  3. @ OP: I put new a bottle of Pacifique in a bag of checked luggage when I was flying across country and the whole suitcase smelled of absinthe when I picked it off the baggage carousel. I was thinking I'd come home to a broken bottle but when I opened the suitcase up the bottle was still sealed. I would say that their bottles simply aren't 100% sealed and they leak a little in transit. Nothing to get worked up over at the cost of a vendor relationship. You make think they "didn't mind" shipping you a new bottle, but trust me they did. Better to save your favors for actual emergencies, if they are as you say, a great vendor. Not good karma IMO. As for the taste, let it sit for a month or so before you decide you don't like it. Experiment with a few different dilutions and amounts of sugar and you might still be able to find a sweet spot where you enjoy it. I used to hate MoL, until I found that I like it with a whole hell of a lot more water than I usually add. Also, Pacifique is an entirely different style of absinthe, the only Montpellier style absinthe currently produced, so while being very traditional, it won't taste like anything else you've tried. So try to judge it on its own merits rather, than, "well this doesn't taste like the Pontarliers I'm used to." It's not supposed to.
  4. My bottles are batch 12-3 and 12-4, and I haven't noticed any glaring off-notes in the flavor profiles of either, although I will say that the MoL is less to my tastes than the WW- the violets seem to change the mouthfeel and finish without improving the taste (although it certainly smells incredible). However, the MoL is my wife's favorite absinthe so far, so I see more bottles of it in our future. We'll see how it tastes down the line. I'm hoping it will open up with some age, although bottles of verte don't have a tendency to gather dust in these parts.
  5. Got my first bottles of WW and MoL from Catskill Cellars today. Quick turn around and they came in great shape. Louched up a glass of the WW right off the truck and am drinking it right now. Delicious!
  6. My father in law was over and I was preparing a few doses after dinner. I handed him a glass before louching and told him to smell it, evidentially he misheard me and took a big gulp, thinking it was ready to drink. He made quite the wince, but luckily he was still game to try it after I watered it down.
  7. My go-to has a lot of sediment as well. It doesn't affect flavor or mouthfeel in the least as far as my palate is concerned. The last glass can look a bit like a duckpond though, so I might dock half a point for appearance were I doing a formal review, but I would bet that you wouldn't notice it at all if you were tasting the glass blindfolded. A strainer would probably just break it up into smaller parts as it tends to be very delicate, and I'd be worried a coffee filter might impart some unwanted flavors, so I would just leave it be. You can always swirl the bottle around a bit when you'e shopping at the store, there tends to be variance within bottles of the same brand, you could pick out the one with the least detritus. If you only buy online, then I guess you're SOL.
  8. I for one, as a relative noob, have mined this thread to make my short list for purchases with excellent results. While some of the more experienced members might find such a list a useless exercise, threads like these really do help the uninitiated cut through the many choices to find a few reliable favorites before venturing off on their own.
  9. Ridge & WW are next on the list, but finances are such that I can't sample everything on the menu at once
  10. After branching out to another brand recently, my wife said she liked VC better than our new bottle of Pacifique, so I felt I had to do a little side by side comparison tonight. Appearance-wise, the Pacifique takes the cake- a perfectly peridot color & opaline louche to the VC's duck-pond olive color & overly opaque cloud, but flavor-wise, I'd say they're really both incredibly delicious. I closed my eyes & switched the glasses around until I forgot which was which, then tasted them blind. They were easily discernable, with the VC having more sweetness & spice, & the Pacifique tasting much dryer, with a more complexly floral herbal bill. My preference is still with the Pacifique, but knowing her sweet tooth, I can see why she prefers the VC. I certainly can't feel bad about having more of either waiting on the shelf. Certainly a win-win experiment
  11. I'm visiting friends in WA right now and thought I'd pick up a bottle of Pacifique while I was out west. When I checked the state run stores online, I found out they're closing out their stock and you can get it for $32.95 a bottle. I helped myself to as many bottles as our luggage can handle, so I thought I'd spread the wealth. There's still a few stores with decent quantities, so it might be worth the drive for some of you to score some Pacifique at almost %50 percent off retail. Here's the list of stores with stock. Several by Seattle and a few in the boonies: http://www.liq.wa.gov/LCBhomenet/StoreInfo...randSearch.aspx
  12. I'm a Californian living in Pennsylvania, don't remind me of Mexican food!
  13. Nice, sipping it now I can definitely taste the cucumbers & moss
  14. I picked up a bottle of VC at my local PA Wine and Spirits, and reading through this thread I noticed there was a label change a while back. My bottle has the old black lettering, so does that mean it's a couple of years old? Should I be happy to have a slightly aged bottle, or disappointed that it's not the "new and improved" version? There seems to be a lot of talk about it improving since the first batch.
  15. I had a glass of VC with a El Rey Del Mundo Demi Tasse the other night, I thought a light, floral cigar would be a good try with it, but even that overpowered the absinthe. I can see why people shy away from pairing the two as the nuance of the absinthe seems to disappear when smoking, although the cigar seems to benefit a bit from the nice finish. I might try it again sometime with less water to see if a stiffer dose can keep up with the cigar.