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  1. One think I miss here is a Like button. Thanks for keeping up the good work Brian and Gwydion.
  2. There you go again injecting reality into my fantasies!
  3. Reading in the "Ageing [sic] in an UNOPENED Bottle" thread I see at least one European producer uses a 750 bottle with only 700ml of product inside. I suppose a US producer could leave some air in their standard 750 and label "For Export Only" to simplify matters. Still there needs to be a substantial and reliable supply available to interest an exporter in doing business (at least).
  4. So that leaves 50ml and 200ml as the only sizes legal in both the US and the EU. How stupid is that?
  5. That's good to know Ian, although with the whole European Union thing, exporting to the UK may have changed. I'll look into it.
  6. That is one absinthe truth we'll have to tell over and over and over again. Keep spreading the good word Evan.
  7. Didn't see a thread where this story would be appropriate so I thought I'd make one. I realize The Wormwood Society is all about doing it right, so consider this thread comic relief, but so often what is funny is also sad and sometimes tragic. Case in point: http://www.kentnews.co.uk/news/erith_teenager_burnt_by_flaming_absinthe_shot_1_1787916 This story is so bizarre I have to wonder if it's even true. True or not, people are reading it. Enjoy?
  8. The number of times I've looked at DUNY.com only to find "out of stock" under the US brands suggests they're selling all they have locally. That's great and I'm all for it, but it makes it difficult to muster the kind of quantities that would make exporting to EU profitable. Of course, impossible import restrictions might make it not worth while in any case. I really wonder about our NAFTA and GATT agreements. All they seemed to do is end import tariffs for products coming into to the US so we get dumped on by foreign goods and have our factories go broke. We still can't export to other countries because the restrictions and costs are impossible to overcome. Who made these deals anyway? Does everyone realize China pays a 2% import duty here and we have to pay a 22% duty to export there? How is that fair? OK, rant over. For now.
  9. Yeah, I didn't know catskin was a supplier. I do have an old cat. What do you do, squeeze the skin? Ditto on the few glasses waiting for you Matt, should you ever make it to northern California. I can show you around one of the world's other best wine producing regions.
  10. No, not me. I don't usually do absinthe reviews. I like to line 'em up and see which glass is the first one to get emptied and which one the guests ask to refill.
  11. Oh yeah, this looks easy: http://www.ttb.gov/itd/australia.shtml.
  12. Thanks Alan, and it's so good to see a person here who represents some of the best that Europe has to offer. I'll be back in Paris later this summer. If there are any brands I should sample while there I'm open to suggestions.
  13. Greetings from Santa Rosa California! It feels a bit strange coming out here as I've been a fan of absinthe for about 15 years now, a bit of a local expert for at least 10 and have referred literally hundreds of people to this site for reviews and information on absinthe. The first absinthe I tried was a home made brand and I've yet to find a commercial brand as good though some are getting there. I'm very happy to pour a fine glass of Marteau or Pacificque and I'm thrilled that some of the best absinthes in the world are made right here in the USA. I'm also VERY tired of explaining that US made absinthe is REAL absinthe and that much of what comes out of Europe is NOT real absinthe. I'm sure many of you can relate. I've been steeped in absinthe culture from my first introduction to it and have watched with great pleasure the re-legalization and subsequent growth of interest in absinthe around the world but especially here in the US. I went to Paris in 2009 and was horrified to discover most people there thought it was still illegal; even owners of bars. Thankfully that perception has mostly changed at this point and now it's just getting over the hurdle of understanding that absinthe will not make you psychotic nor will it make a person hallucinate. How many times have we told the tale? I've done a lot of virtual sharing with Brian and Alan on facebook but most of you I don't know. I'm looking forward to making online friends here and hopefully to meeting many of you in real life in the years to come. I'm very interested in gatherings both formal and casual and was pleased to see there are plans for a 2013 meeting in the Seattle area. I hope to make that one. I go by Braggi online but I also answer to Jeff or Jeffry. So glad to meet you!
  14. I looked into shipping some adult beverages from California to a friend of mine in Greece. I thought as long as I was going to the trouble I'd send a six pack. So I got a price for sending six bottles of "wine" to Greece. Shipping cost: $190 (US). But then there's import duties. And after import duties there's VAT which is charged as a percent of the original value of the items PLUS shipping charges PLUS import duty. And the fact that alcoholic beverages are involved there are additional duties that depend upon what kind of beverages and since they ARE alcoholic beverages they might have to "test" them and there will be additional charges for that. So perhaps that's why there isn't much US made absinthe in Europe. There was no way for me to even calculate the cost because the website that tells you how was written in Greek, I kid you not.
  15. Maybe we should start asking them to stock some. Look for the "Contact Us" link.