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  1. This is kind of marketing gimmick is not going to help the legalization of absinthe in this country. Cool label though- :P
  2. Well I couldnt have said it better myself so thanks for that eloquent insight. If one was willing you might surprise yourself with the flavors and mixtures you can acheive! How about a little François Guy with Montmarte?
  3. Oh Yeah- Really good drink. Right in the line of La Bleu, Kallnacher, Kübler 53%. I would suggest the one by W. Bovet-
  4. So just wondering if any of you ever mix different brands of absinthe? I have mixed a number of different absinthes and have achieved some good results. Equal parts N.S. 70 with Deva. Or Kallnacher with a splash of Mata Hari to give it a little more Anise flavour. Any comments or suggestions?
  5. all right all right. Iguess i deserved some of that but as I sit here drinking my fresh new bottle of La Valote (just arrived today via Alandia) taking RU-21 I will wake tomorrow feeling just as good as I did this morning after drinking the last of my Kallnacher absinthe. So there!!!
  6. First of all I am only advocating this because I want to share it. I have tried a couple of different hangover remedies and I think I have found one that truly works. It is called RU-21. It was formulated by the Russian Academy of Sciences. Supposedly it was designed to help KGB members from being hungover after a night of covort operation of heavy schmooozing. Has anyone else tried this stuff, I swear by it!
  7. Welcome Canuk! If you really want to find good absinthe get ready to spend lotso dollars as you can only purchase from Europe- Actually I think you can purchase Martin Sebor absinthe in Canadia-
  8. Salvia is a Sage liqour. You can read more about it at the Fine Spirits Corner site-
  9. Keep looking young Luke and you will find what you are seeking(on the dk web)
  10. From what I've read in the best way to store is in a dark cool space at tempatures around, 50's to 60's. Enjoy!
  11. Hi all- Quick rundown on me me and me. I live in Oregon and have been chasing the Fairy for about 4 years now. I know I know chasing the Fairy what a cliche! Anywho I have tried dozens and all in all my FAV's are the Swiss Absinthes, oh and François Guy. Besides Absinthe I have tried some other bizzare liquors like Cynar from Italy, Salvia from Spain and Mandragora also from Spain. The later two are said to have "alucinogena" ingredients but that's about it, you won't see ghosts. I also love to Mtn. Bike, hike, ski, travel and would love to find a rich woman who is also an Absinthe enthusiast(kidding sort of) Well that's it. Skoll!!
  12. Good to have a Swede here. I was in Sweden last June. Your right about the Pierre Kermans, total crap! Unfortunately that's about all you'll find in your stores there because believe me, I looked! I did find a store in Copenhagen that had a good variety of Absinthe and will find the name if you are interested. Let me know and welcome!