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  1. I want it and I want it NOW dammit !! :bushman:
  2. It's more art than anything-
  3. So we have Wheat Thins, Apples, Pasta, Pistachios, Pep Pizza, Monkey Brains(you missed it), and more Absinthe. Sounds like a really disfunctional family meal, perfect!
  4. That Gatsby, gotta love the little guy! But seriously you have to eat something, you can't just drink absinthe all the time. I find cheese and crackers go pretty well too.
  5. Let's admit it, Absinthe doesn't go well with many foods. I saw one post from someone who likes chocolate with their Absinthe. Another likes to drink before but not after eating and another just the opposite. Personally the one food I can eat while drinking Absinthe is pistachios. What's your favorite food to eat whilst drinking Absinthe? :sp_ike:
  6. :sleep_1: Huh, what? Oh yeah welcome-
  7. Oh crap, I thought that was a jock strap! Ok, I'm leaving now- and try not to have to much fun at my expense
  8. Do those come in an extra large??
  9. Hey, if were drinking and buying so much of this stuff, we should be getting some sort of a quantity discount. Shouldn't we?
  10. When the man is right he's right!!
  11. My mouth is watering now in anticipation
  12. Yo Conny- Was in Sweden last June, very beautiful. Two of my favorite places were Gotberg and Jonkoping(Husquvarna museum). Welcome!
  13. I ordered the Ike and FG also economy shipping. Not sure why but looking forward to Gatsby's take on the Ike.
  14. Here here to the Absinthe Drinkers of Oregon!
  15. I tried the Coulin about 2 years ago and it had a real earthy finish. And when I say earthy I mean dirt or moldy. Maybe its improved since then? Thanks for the warning!
  16. Has anyone tried this? It's very reasonably priced and it is french. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Oh yeah- My suggestion for a La Bleu is "Elixer du Pays de Fees" 55% and comes in a big 1 liter bottle- You can get it here- https://www.absinth24.net
  18. That's a better start than I had way back when. Go for it and welcome to the Forum!
  19. jimzuma


    You just may be the most Northern member (in usa) of WS. Welcome
  20. jimzuma


    Yeah, he still is. You just have to look close- :(
  21. I also like the distiller they have for sale. It's for making distilled water, for shame!
  22. If you haven't seen this site yet check it out. Especially the "Experience Vault", oh man I laughed right out loud!