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  1. I'm still trying to figure out what CO is? connossieurs? WTF!
  2. That looks mighty refreshing. The cocktail I mean
  3. Sugar is just sugar and will disolve regardless & Absinthe will louche regardless of how quickly or slowly you add water because of the Anise. But I agree the texture is better if water is added slowly-
  4. Welcome. Where ya layin down roots?
  5. Come on admit it. There must of been a time or three when you just measured a little sugar in the palm of your hand & dumped it in to your glass of Absinthe. Then carefully poured in some nice cold tap water and added a few ice cubes. I know I have and it was great!
  6. The description is a little confusing to me though. It states it as a 1.0l bottle and then it says it's a 0.7l bottle, which do you think it is??
  7. Absinthe Prototype 1,0l 0,7l - 72% ArtNr.: 1111 Prototype Absinthe Manufacturer: Matter-Luginbüh Absinthe Prototype 1,0l We're permanently working on new formulas for new Absinthes. Here you've got the opportunity to share a look inside the developement of a new product. From Time to time we're going to offer very small quantities of these very often very interesting batches to connaisseures. This Absinthe is not aged yet, it will therefore develope its taste and change colour within the next 2 month. Available around Feb. 20th
  8. Anybody try it or know much about it?? Whoops, I meant AD. Fixed it. ~ H
  9. Yeah, definetly gotta stay on your toes around these parts
  10. and you're still typing coherently, pretty good Stroller
  11. Whoops, sorry. It's the Bovet and it's ok. I think it's just me but I am not digging the La Bleu's lately. I have a bottle of Eich and FG coming. Love the FG and am very much looking forward to the Eich.
  12. Step away from the Sebor and just move on sir, please. ABSINTHE
  13. Deschutes Brewery Pale Ale and now 2nd glass of La Volet Martin. Gimp, you crack me up!
  14. Welcome. Sounds like you've found some keys to a good life.-
  15. Yep, looks like a champagne flute alright-
  16. I think you are definetly on to something Gimp- Who knew? You did!
  17. Happy Birthday my fellow Aquarian-
  18. Who cares if it's stolen. Let's just drink it! I'll be your new best friend-
  19. Yes, you could say that. His name is Arlen Ness and the bike is called the Y2K Triple. The price to own that fine matcheeen- $35000+ and actually that engine is built up from an 88 cubic inch twin cam Harley Davidson.
  20. Whoa- May of 2004 looked like a ruff time to be an Absinthe drinkin biker- :cigar:
  21. Was there supposed to be a link to go with this post? Did I miss something?
  22. Oh Shite! I meant to say................Welcome fellow Northwester and Absinthe drinker-