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  1. quote: I guess Markus cant do much about his regular mail deliveries? I asked for a little bit of a discount on my next order but no, it's not his fault.
  2. Wow, I'm impressed, good memory Jetzer! Nope , looks like I am SOL on that order. I did get my order of the two bottles of prototype in 11 days via regular mail though. So I guess my number was up on that earlier order. I did order a bottle of White Fairy and Blanche de Fougerolles from LDF but also got the delayed notice. Any way I have the prototype to hold me over-
  3. Ok whinners, settle down- I'm trying the Markus prototype tonight, ummmm. Opening the bottle it definetly does not have a strong alcohol smell like 72% Deva. Upon tasting it has undertones of Vin De Pays but smoother and a bit spicier. Kind of like well exactly what it is, a swiss verte. However I think it could age a bit more as it has a little bit of an edge. It also louches beautifully. I havent tried the Duplais but I am guessing it's very similar, just a higher alcohol level of 72% and for my money 72% is gooood. Other than that it's really delicious-
  4. Valkommen. So what's the 411 on your favorite Absinthe/s?
  5. I've been ordering both ways for the past 3+ years and never had a problem. Gatsby ordered his regular mail about the same time as I did and received his 10 days later, that has me worried. Well maybe my number was up. Oh and I was just trying to get your attention Hiram.
  6. Well it wasnt LDF but Markus and Absinthe Distro. I ordered my Ike and FG, it was dispatched Feb 7th and I'm still waiting. Anyone else order regular mail and had to wait 3+weeks??
  7. Now that's a sharp observation- I on the other hand am going on a 6 hour flight delay and on my 5th Dos Eqeus Amber draft. Somebody get me the f--- outta here!! Where are the flying monkeys when you really need em. Oh my god I am starting to lose it!
  8. Greetings and salutations- Just be glad your there instead of like me, stuck at Tucson International. Delayed flight (5 hours) to Seattle. Damn Alaska Airlines!
  9. I think I should get a gold star or something for being so observant. Whata say G&C?
  10. G&C- I thought you indulge in Arak now and then too?
  11. I'm beginning to get paranoid. I ordered (economy ship) the Ike the same day as Gatsby (2/6) and I am still waiting! Gatsby received his on the 16th, what gives!
  12. Let's face it, there is no comparison as far as taste goes. There is the similar color and there is most definetly an interesting history to both. Personally I like the taste and what's all this talk about hangover from hell? I had two decent size Chartreuse w/soda and lemon last night and again, no hangover. However Vodka now gives me a headache and a hangover. Go figure-
  13. Saw it recently. Definetly worth a viewing-
  14. What's it called? "Jolly Ranchers"? Heheheeee! Your funny!
  15. Valkommen! Cool Avatar :banana:
  16. Thanks everyone, I feel so wanted! I've been out at a Acoustic Jam and drinkin Absolute and fresh squuezed O.J., ummmm healthy- About to drink the last of my La Valote, Bovet. Should have my FG and Ike in the mail any day. Hope it gets here soon cause I hate to be without!!
  17. I think it would be more fun if it was just a Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday thing. Otherwise it just gets kinda beat. That may keep it fresh. Thats my vote and I'm sticking to it-
  18. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Jade! Enjoy! :wave:
  19. Huh, not sure what to think of that? Saved it anyway though for future ummmm, reference?
  20. Good for you Bigwitt for standing up for your self. Occasionally someone has to take it in the gut and it might as well be you. You go!
  21. I think you win and not in a good way with that scenario-
  22. Back in the bad old days when I was trying most everything because the price was right on SC. Shite, even Cristina (SC owner) doesn't recommend it-
  23. No no no. You don't want to go there. At least buy the Lasalle or the Deva but not the Perigan. It's just bad-