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  1. Valkommen! Get ready to seperate your money from your wallet!
  2. Emphasis on "most of us" as in not all of us- I'd say your best and safest bet is the François Guy, 1 big full liter. It's also a better buy than the Eich 68. 1/2 ltrs are for midgets- (not that there's anything wrong with midgets)
  3. Ouch! That's gotta hurt but the truth can do that-
  4. I had this post over at -What are ya Drinking Tonight" but felt it more appropriate here---- Allright, I finally figured it out- Here is my take on the Eich 68. If you have ever tasted Trenet you might understand what I am talking about. Trenet is a nasty oil mix. It has this upfront perfumey smell taste. I'm not saying that's what the Eich taste like but.... It's more like someone took a good 1/2 ltr of Verte and poured in a 1/2 tablespoon of Trenet. So for what it's worth, there it is-
  5. I always said you'd pass out from drinking several glasses of absinthe before thujone might or might not have an effect but after 47 glasses! Something weird must have happened-
  6. Sounds like your back to about 10 minutes from the center of the universe now. Tomorrow's another day and another chance to move closer still-
  7. I brought up a similiar point not to long ago. Why is it that absinthe was so wildly popular back in the early 1900's but is so slow to catch on again today. What was it other than the bad 1/2 or so decade of grapes/wine that helped absinthe become so popular? Does it still have the stigma in europe today that it unfairly received back then?
  8. No. Me too, me too! Don't give up your quest-
  9. If you can count to three between pops, it's done Also you might want to check out the amount of trans fat, its nasty stuff-
  10. Started with a glass of FG, always good. Then the prtotype which I really really do like. Now having a glass of the Eich 68. I still cant get past that waxxy perfumey taste. I will try and come up with a better description of that taste but I for one will not be ordering another bottle of it.
  11. Check this guy out. He could be the King of Tiki! http://www.moderndrunkardmagazine.com/md_d...f_the_month.htm
  12. Alcoholic beverages in retail packages may be checked as baggage or carried on board, but are limited to five liters per passenger providing that following conditions are met: The receptacle (bottle, can, etc.) does not exceed 5 liters. The alcohol does not exceed 70 percent by volume (140 proof). Alcoholic beverages under 24 percent by volume (most beers and wines) are not restricted. Opened containers are only allowed if they are re-closed and packed properly. Customs regulations by country may limit the amount of alcohol you may be transport. Please check ahead of time to ensure that you are in compliance with these limits. For a complete list of items prohibited by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) please refer to www.tsa.gov*.
  13. I know I'm probably going to get skewered for this but here goes. I received Eich 68 today and am not all that impressed. Don't get me wrong it's good but I think I was expecting something phenomenal from all the hype I have read here. To me it has this funny waxy smell/taste right up front but aftertaste is fine. Anyone else get that funny taste?
  14. Hey Jetzster, I finally got it! 33 days later but I finally got the Ike and FG from Markus. I just wrote him and told him all is well in my house-
  15. Oh man, that's painful to read. What's even more painful is some sucker is actually buying stuff from them. Like WC Fields used to say "there's a sucker born every minute"
  16. Work party/function last night. had too much fun/drink. took taxi home. woke up on couch at 3am. managed to get to bed. head hurts this morning but had lots of fun and im sure made an idiot out of myself. i remember talking to some people and realizing I was making no sense or point but then recovered with something. I also realize that drinking too much of anything other than Absinthe will give you a wicked hangover. Spoiled now-
  17. Thanks for that T73. I'll let ya all know what I think as soon as it arrives -
  18. More prototype and then off to the Telluride Film Festival here. Oh and for you beer lovers, Deschutes Brewery is just down the road from me about 3 miles. It's too easy to stop by and fill up a fresh growler. I'm spoiled-
  19. Valkommen! You have some grand aspirations Daemon-
  20. Ah ha, got ya. Wish I had one of those right now. To bad about the BDF. I just ordered my first bottle. Oh well maybe our tastes will differ.
  21. You sinked the BDF? Why would you do that? And what the heck is Valley Magic Blanche?