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  1. Nice bedtime story Brooks. Oh and Shin, a simple search and you would have found this post from our beloved WhyteKnight- WhyteKnight Posted on: Nov 14 2005, 10:00 AM Member Group: Absintheur Posts: 233 Joined: 25-January 05 From: Wyoming Member No.: 105 Yup, that bad. Montania des Alpes is probably one of the worst things I've ever consumed. You can't really say that it tastes bad, because it doesn't really have much of a taste to it. I picked up some thin, insipid hints of anise but then it slapped me in the face with a rather foul and chemical bitterness that just about makes the stuff impossible to swallow. I've had bad tap water with better mouthfeel. Its bad. Bad, bad, bad. The Coulin really surprised me, though. Its not exactly the tastiest thing out there, but it had good mouthfeel and a good amount of anise, and while the bitterness was pronounced, it wasn't overpowering nor was it funky bad like the montania. Plus its pretty cheap, and the taste to price ratio is pretty encouraging. Forum: Absinthe Reviews · Post Preview: #15186 · Replies: 66 · Views: 1,455
  2. That's what you get for label impulse buying but thanks for taking one for the team We have been warned-
  3. Happy happy! Ahhh 30 years young, I remember (some of it) well- Have a blast!
  4. Well it's about time you fessed up! I am in Bend myself and work at a local publication that is the "Source" of all that's true and righteous.
  5. Would that be the Deschutes Brewery run by the right wing fish man? Good beer, especially that holiday ale stuff- Welcome!
  6. "Addicted to Absinthe" The research, the ordering, the waiting, the opening of a package that has traveled many miles, the preparation, the louche and finally the undeniable, unique taste of something that is unavailable with any sort of instant gratitude. That's what I am addicted to. I'm back-
  7. Well thank you Gatsby! You and I seem to be the only ones to notice and speak up about that wierd taste (see my post 6 previous) Thanks for posting this and this being my 200th post! How appropriate! And to celebrate a glass of prototype for me
  8. Welcome, no really. Ok I am just posting now to hit 200 posts, 2 to go!
  9. Valkommen- That supplier has worked fine for me in the past, just don't buy into their hype. Why would you care what we think if they have been working for you?
  10. Vodka soda, prototype and FG. I'm buzzed and headed for bed!! Don't worry I was out and about tonight and didn't waste the buzz-
  11. Hey, better late than never. Happy B-Day Grim !!
  12. Short and sweet intro, I like it. Welcome!
  13. Latest question that was posted where??
  14. Barnum, Hannum, Fields or Bessimer, you get the point and you know it's true-
  15. Ahh yes the Martooni. Depends how ya like it. Dry with just a whiff of Vermouth or dirty with a splash of olive juice. Personally I like mine Porn Star Dirty. Of course I am only talking Vodka martinis, I just don't dig Gin very much these days. And yes, it really does make a huge difference if they're made well. Good luck Beowulfgang!
  16. Welcome! You seem to have caught on quick-
  17. Wow, is this the softer side of G&C? I thought you were being your usual sarcastic self-
  18. What does that tell you? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Apparently it tells me I don't need friends like you. I'm a fast learner huh-
  19. Valkkomen Greendawg. Just post as many "welcomes" as you can and before you know it no more newbie!