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  1. wow I havent been here since way back in 2007? Anyway I cant remember why I ditched but I have never stopped drinking the green fairy, just not as often. I moved to thailand back in 2010 and you cannot get absinthe here. I have had it shipped with success, my last order was Vollete and François Guy. Anyway thats my short story. Gald to be back now that absinthe has flourished!

  2. Oh, sure. Just waltz right in without so much as a "Hi honey, I'm home" after being gone for six months and now you want help. Well, I never!
    Montmartre - Where to find it in Germany?

    Good luck. Montmartre is in France. :harhar: (Jeez, I can't believe you guys missed that one.)


    Good to see you back, Jim. :cheers:

    Thanks Hiram, it's like I never left. By the way yes Monmartre is in France but Monmartre Absinthe is from Austria.(as if you didn't know that)


    I just figured somewhere in Germany I could find it and others. I'm giddy with anticipation to walk into that store in Hiedelberg! Like a kid in a candy store- :D

  3. I've now fully lost faith in SC as a place to discover anything new that's worth a crap. They only seem to be interested in foo-foo absinthe instead of trying to bring on board real quality brands. It's like they are trying to appeal to the flavored Vodka crowd or something. It's just sad because they are nice people. Oh well whataya gonna do-

  4. Well let's see where do I start? First the flying monkeys were superman fast this week. I ordered on Monday and received my little gift today Thursday, I love those guys! That is without a doubt the fastest delivery in about four years. Tonight I am trying for the first time the Jade Edouard. Wow was I disappointed! I was so looking forward to a way above par absinthe and that unfortunately is not my impression. Ok it's good but not much better than a good Spanish absinthe. To quote Hiram "more robust herbal quality and a bit of a spicy note, with the wormwood more in evidence." HELLO, what do you think a good number of spanish absinthe taste like? They are 1/2 the price and usually without the overwhelming alcohol hit to the senses. Here is another Hiram quote "In my opinion the best of the Jades so far." If that is the best Jade so far and at those prices I have no desire to try any of the others. Ok let's move on to another, the Verte de Fougerolles 72. All looks good until you taste it. Let me quote Hiram again on this one. " Verte de Fougerolles is a pleasantly different style of absinthe from most on the market" Pleasantly? Maybe if you like something that tastes like sweaty socks! Would I recommend or order either of these again, no. I know to each his own but come on man, is someone getting big discounts on their orders from LDF?. Well so goes the wonderful world of absinthe, you spend your money and you takes your chances. I know I'm gonna get shite for this post but again, to each his own.