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  1. good good find, better than my search. anyway I will pickup a bottle of something while in L.A. and then if nothing at duty free grab a nice bottle of grand marinier, been awhile for that one too. like to swirl in mouth and taste all the spices
  2. Anybody have any info about absinthe in international terminals at LAX? I will be flying though this month and would like to buy there rather than check-in or maybe both on my flight back home.
  3. thats it, the one in Boversse!! I missed it last year by 2 days. May try and make it this year. Thanks!
  4. There is the Absinthaides in Oct in Pontarlier but I am looking for the one that is in Beginning of June? Either France or Switzerland I think?
  5. wow I havent been here since way back in 2007? Anyway I cant remember why I ditched but I have never stopped drinking the green fairy, just not as often. I moved to thailand back in 2010 and you cannot get absinthe here. I have had it shipped with success, my last order was Vollete and François Guy. Anyway thats my short story. Gald to be back now that absinthe has flourished!
  6. Good luck. Montmartre is in France. (Jeez, I can't believe you guys missed that one.) Good to see you back, Jim. Thanks Hiram, it's like I never left. By the way yes Monmartre is in France but Monmartre Absinthe is from Austria.(as if you didn't know that) http://www.absinthe-montmartre.com/ I just figured somewhere in Germany I could find it and others. I'm giddy with anticipation to walk into that store in Hiedelberg! Like a kid in a candy store- :D
  7. That's it, you're the man! Hiedelberg it is! I'll let you know how it was when I get back. Thanks!
  8. I am heading to Germany in March and would love to be able to find one of my favorites, Montmartre- Does anyone know where I can find it? I will be flying into Frankfurt. Thanks!!
  9. WTF?! Besides being curious and wanting to give it a try, I am PISSED! How does the FDA approve this product for sale in the states and we still cannot get Absinthe legalized? It's a wacky wacky world we live in my friends. Here is the site address: http://www.agwabuzz.com/welcome.php
  10. I've now fully lost faith in SC as a place to discover anything new that's worth a crap. They only seem to be interested in foo-foo absinthe instead of trying to bring on board real quality brands. It's like they are trying to appeal to the flavored Vodka crowd or something. It's just sad because they are nice people. Oh well whataya gonna do-
  11. After sitting for about a month and a half I just had the last of my Prototype#23. Man did I enjoy that stuff. I'd take that over ED any day! Anyone else like the #23 or tried the #27 and how was it?
  12. Ditto, but stick around for some creative abuse from your peers, it's fun! :absomphe:
  13. My vote is C. Of course I lick em' afterwards. :P