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  1. Ron, I tried putting a bird on it, and it indeed made it much more "hip" and "cool", however, it didn't fit so well with the whole Creole theme...... Adam
  2. Alright! Thanks everyone! billnchristy, I look forward to trying some of those bottle, can be tough to get in OR sometimes....... Songcatcher, haha, originally from Missouri, that's kinda south! Gwydion, Would love to have you in again, and excited to welcome the Marteau back! Adam
  3. Hi everyone! Thought I would get around to DE-lurking finally! I have used this site as a great resource on Absinthe info, and am a big fan! I own a small restaurant in Portland, OR, and recently added an Absinthe program! Customers have been very receptive so far, and it is a lot of fun to introduce new people to the world of Absinthe. Here is a link to the Absinthe menu at Acadia, the restaurant I own! Alright, thanks! Adam