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  1. Hey folks I am out of Absinthes, where is the best place to order from, the last time I ordered it was with the Lion dude, Absinth.de. Thanks.
  2. Howdy to all! My first taste of anise flavored drink was ouzo and Pernod (pastis) love them both. I ran across an artical about absinthe back around 1999 and was bitten. Got to get some green fairy!! My first was order was a bottle of Versinthe La Blanche from Markus Lion in Germany. It was shipped as cooking oil. My very first taste was an ounce in a glass, gave it a sniff, a little on the tongue to test the taste and tossed it down! Since then I have learn to sip and enjoy. At the moment I am sipping a mug of Nouvelle Orleans, not bad. The stuff does help if one has a sour stomach!! Pure magic!! Mug-O-Stuff