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  1. Thanks everyone for the helpful and encouraging replies! Joe - Please feel free to relocate this thread. My apologies for not even noticing the newcomers section. Kind regards,
  2. Hi, Over several months I've been learning about and making spirits and cocktails. More recently I've taken an interest in absinthe, but have never tried it. I've noticed that you need to spend about $150 - $160 AUD to get a respectable absinthe, so I've got a few questions before lashing out to buy one. First, there is a lot of interest surrounding absinthe, but I could spend an equivalent amount on about 4 other spirits which would really develop my liquor collection and cocktail repertoire, so I was wondering if it actually a particularly enjoyable drink? I'm considering Mansinthe at $140 AUD, or Duplais Blanche at $145, or Jade PF 1901 at $199 or Jade VS 1898 at $199. Which is the Jade varieties is better? And is it worth spending the extra money on the Jade varieties listed? Thanks!