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  2. Thanks for the post! Think in 1910 all movies had-to-have-a-happy-ending! SoCalGuy
  3. Thank you for posting the film! I guess in 1910 all pictures had to have a "happy" ending! SoCalGuy
  4. Yes-- that non-alcoholic drink is for a non-alcoholic party. Sorry if I sounded a bit confusing-- in addition...I am also putting together an "Absinthe Presentation" for dinner parties and events where alcohol can be served. Got this small Travel Trunk (stickers from France, etc.) and have placed some cool photographs in old frames (Green Fairy; Absinthe Drinkers, etc) and use a 10 oz bottle that seems popular at the local liquor stores here in the Dallas area. Chill some water from Italy (Acqua Panna-- hey that Doctor "Ordinaire" traveled to Switzerland and started gathering the plant there so it must have grown from "Swiss" Alp river runoff and hence "downstream to Italy..." Yeah I know it-is-a-stretch but it "helps" in the presentation! (Besides the Swiss aren't really known for their water but the French and Italians are. --sorry think I ended that last sentence with a preposition.) Anyway... I perform the "Louche" to "oohs" and "ahhs" and everyone so far has enjoyed it. Kinda like one of those old Tupperware Parties your Mom used to have-- now am really dating myself! Anyway I have only done this presentation for only a few friends at a time and in a few months will try it out on this upscale New Orleans "theme" party at a friend's ritzy home in Dallas-- fancy schmancy. Thanks for responding to my initial post(s)-- still a newby at this. SoCalGuy (Jim) By the way...do you have any "brands/name" that you like? Thx!
  5. Hi! Thanks for responding to my "Introductory" Post. I have a daughter in college who would like that "quote!" Just "getting into" the drink-- where has it been all my life?! And am surprised at how "few" people know about the drink. Here in Texas the bartender knows about Absinthe but unless you are at the "Absinthe Lounge" Bar in Dallas you can't get a whif. Most of the liquor stores carry it now and a few have those "sample" 10 oz bottles which I will use in an Absinthe "presentation." Got a small Travel Trunk (has stickers from France, etc) and have put some cool pictures in frames (Green Fairly, etc.) and will do about a 5 minute talk as I prepare the drink for "First Timers." So far everyone who has tried it likes it! Lot of "presentation" to the drink so I will embellish on its History; Culture; etc. Anyway-- looked up your profile and your picture reminded me of my "youngest" daughter (also in college). Take care and thanks for the response. SoCalGuy (Jim) P.S. Grew up in Long Beach, Huntington Beach California hence the name...
  6. Not to mention non-absinthe (wormwood) ... I think not. Agreed sir-- why do anything unless it is the real thing! However, in my case, I will occassionally run a "buffet" at work and can't serve alcohol as people have to "return" to work so...Am working on an "Absinthe Presentation"-- taking pictures in frames and glasses & sugar from a small "Travel Trunk" along with a bottle to demonstrate the "Green Fairy". Will be trying it out at an upscale dinner party later this year. Wish me luck! SoCalGuy (Jim)
  7. and welcome Luscious Oily Lesbians!. Maybe they know I'm cool comin' from southern California. Course...lotta people with dismiss you as one of the Hollywood Crowd! Take care! (Jim) SoCalGuy P.S. I did not ad or write "Luscious Oily Lesbians"-- have no clue how that got added to my comment. (Jim) SoCalGuy
  8. and welcome Luscious Oily Lesbians!. Maybe they know I'm cool comin' from southern California. Course...lotta people with dismiss you as one of the Hollywood Crowd! Take care! (Jim) SoCalGuy
  9. Thanks for responding to my first post. Yes, it can get you through places were non-alcoholic is the key word. Take care. SoCalGuy (Jim)
  10. Thanks for responding. Great website. Looks like fun. Take Care...SoCalGuy (Jim)
  11. Thanks for the tip. Will try yours too! Take care! SoCalGuy (Jim)
  12. Thanks for returning my first post. Great website. Take care! SoCalGuy (Jim)
  13. Thanks from the Advisory Board. Great website-- looking forward to making contacts. Been searching for Absinthe Spoons in the Austin and Dallas areas and coming up short. Will try here as well. Take Care! SoCalGuy (Jim)
  14. Thanks for responding to my first posting. Yeah, if you hafta go without Alcohol at a party it seems like the next best thing. Take care! SoCalGuy (Jim)
  15. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from others as well. A great site. Take Care! SoCalGuy-- (Jim)