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  1. Are we allowed to talk about this on here? One of my favorite weekend night activities is to sit on my patio, smoke a joint, sip on 2 or 3 glasses of absinthe, and let the mind wander. I find it to be a unique combination that puts me in a good place. I end up writing a lot. Anyone else enjoy the same?
  2. Sadly I haven't tried many of the well known ones in this thread. I've only had a few: -Kübler -lucid -st antoine -la fee -la clandestine -mansinthe
  3. Lucid and listening to Makes No Sense Talking Heads
  4. Moravian red win for me this evening. It paired nicely with the fettuccini primavera. I think I will call it an early night and save the absinthe for tomorrow.
  5. Well scratch that... The bartender recommended against it and I didn't want to insult her by ordering it anyway. She recommended Roquette so I went with that. Interesting color, couldn't smell it during louche because the guy next to me was toasting his fucking sugar over his glass. Anyway, I will reserve judgement on this Roquette until I finish but it is spicy!
  6. You've stumbled into a good place.
  7. Huge fan of Brooklyn Brewery. Their basic lager is underrated because it does not stand out. But its a great everyday beer. They also have an excellent brewpub that i frequented in my college days.
  8. I am forever indebted to Great Lakes for introducing me to the porter with Emma Fitzgerald. One of my favorites beers ever. I am also a big fan of Founders and Yards (to toss a local brew in the mix)
  9. I am drinking my first glass of Kübler as I read this thread and I must say that (from my limited experience) it is very mild and doesn't "jump" out in any direction. But I am certainly enjoying it. I paid the same price for it as Clandestine and Mansinthe so I am not basing that statement on price alone!
  10. I have been eyeing a similar looking fountain at my local absinthe spot. I am terrible at pulling the trigger when it comes to purchases like this. Seeing it in action here is pushing me towards the edge...
  11. I will be in Paris for business this weekend. I think I may just have to follow your steps exactly. I've been trying to find some peraphernalia for some time now. All the glasses I find in Prague have "King of Spirits" plastered across them .