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  1. I would go with Edouard. I like Peridot's description of the Jades.
  2. Roquette is one of my favorites,however I don't find that it needs sugar.(for me anyway) Keep that bottle and revisit it from time to time.A couple of years ago,I sold/traded a couple bottles of Sauvage & kept an open bottle for myself.I really didn't like it at the time,but now I regret ever having let those two bottles go.
  3. Man Louchey,how do you find all this stuff?!!!
  4. Great pic Scott,happy holidays to you and the family.
  5. You'll find a lot of information in "brand reviews" on the main page.
  6. Why would you be skeptical? If it wasn't barrel aged as Brian commented,and it was bottled clear,then shouldn't it remain clear over time?I'm not being argumentative,I just didn't a clear spirit could change color in the bottle with aging.
  7. Having had no experience myself with pre-ban blanches,my question is; wouldn't a pre-ban blache pour clear from the bottle? That's not the case in Georges' picture and description.
  8. Thanksgiving with friends yesterday.I brought a bottle of VP & MOL. A 20 something in from Boston told me he gets together with friends for absinthe night and so far they've only had Lucid.He asked me if I prepare absinthe in the "traditional & proper way" He was referring to lighting the sugar cube on fire.I corrected him in a gentle & fatherly way by telling him that was bullshit.He laughed & was happy to learn a couple things to bring back to his friends.He seemed pretty interested,so I told him to check out the WWS.Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.
  9. Neuron said: "you wind up with a cork floating around inside the bottle that is impossible to extract" . Not so :
  10. Had some friends over.Listening to Dexter Gordon,Miles Davis,& a few jazz guitarists.On the table was Ridge V,Duplais,Jade NO,BlancheTraditionelle #5.and some Un Sapin Pine Liqueur. Very nice gathering
  11. Well,if Abs isn't going to take this: I usually just turn them upside down and shove it in good.....(That's what he said)
  12. Some friends coming over in a bit.On the table are Ridge V,Eddy,MOL,a no label,and some 1964 Calvados from Normandy .(Calvados courtesy of Rob Fritz!!! :groupwave reversed: ) More absinthe in the cabinet if we need it.
  13. Really nice.Will this be in Vol 2?