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  1. I have a bottle of Belle Amie for sale.I posted the wrong price on a previous thread by mistake.It should have read $126. Please PM if you're interested.
  2. WOOPS! Type-o on the Belle Amie.The price is $126 Blanche Traditionelle is sold
  3. Time to thin out the herd.Buyer pays shipping.Please PM me with any questions. Blanche Traditionelle essai #5 (from 2009) $87 Belle Amie Verte $151 Jade Nouvelle Orleans $111 Pacifique $62 Ridge Verte $73
  4. Here's my top 5 picks from Catskill Cellars: Marteau Master's Reserve,Ridge Verte (now called "Villya" Verte),Pacifique,Meadow of Love,& La Clandestine. All five would be very nice additions to your collection.I never noticed flakes in Mansinthe,but I would forgo Kübler,Lucid & St George for any of the five I mentioned.Have fun!
  5. Perroquet & L'anjoleuse barrel aged.After resting for seven months,the L'anjoleuse has smoothed out considerably.very nice!
  6. Absomphe: "herbs I picked up at a very old pharmacy/herb shop in Greenwich Village". Would that be the place on Bleeker near Jones & Cornelia St? In 2006,Lucid was my first.I didn't like it at all.It made me think of flavored paint thinner.Tried some others and I liked them much better,but Absinthe wasn't Love at first sight for me.It took me a while to acquire a taste for it.
  7. Southern greeting card: Happy Birthday Uncle Dad
  8. Welcome Erdem. Cajun Magic makes a good recommendation.There are many absinthes reviewed here: http://wormwoodsociety.org/index.php/brand-reviews (just watch your wallet).
  9. In the gutter with an ice cold bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 Electric Mellon. "An electrifying and tangy treat". (Tomorrow morning's gonna suck)
  10. Oh no?The mushrooms I ate on Saturday sure as shit were !!!
  11. Damn,I'm really not looking forward to this.
  12. What's the bottling date on the poor quality batch? The bottle I've been drinking from says 1/29/12,& it tastes just fine.I also have an unopened bottle in back up dated 1/2/13.BTW,I noticed Roquette's price jumped about $10 since my last purchase.
  13. A couple glasses of Sauvage.One with a splash of Sapin liqueur....nice!
  14. Woops! how did I miss this? Happy belated!
  15. Bulleit Bourbon.A nice warming whiskey on a cold night.
  16. Meadow of Love from Delaware Phoenix Distillery is really nice.