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  1. http://digital-art-gallery.com/oid/88/640x905_15336_Absinthe_2d_portrait_alchemy_alchemist_picture_image_digital_art.jpg
  2. Happy Birthday Stefano,I really enjoyed the APM!
  3. Interesting how everyone got something different from this absinthe.I almost wonder if we were all tasting the same thing.
  4. Without getting all technical ('cause that's not my thing),I got this stuff on Friday.Definitely on the yellow side,but that doesn't bother me.Nice thick louche with out over doing it and becoming "chewy".I tried four - fifteen mil.samples.One at 4:1,two at 4.5:1,and one at 5:1.I can't decide which ratio I like best of the last two,(4:1 was way too hot).At 4.5:1,the finish is a bit sweet,then a little bitterness comes forth and lingers.(very nice) What I like is that all the ingredients meld together very nicely,and nothing is too out front. From what I understand,it's Stefano's intent to market this as a readily available,everyday absinthe.I think it would be fantastic to have this available for sale on American shelves.It definitely has that European "flair" that I'm very fond of,but I don't notice in American COs.I would buy a couple bottles tomorrow,and recommend it very highly.Thanks Stefano! (I wouldn't change a thing)!!!
  5. I remember not being so impressed with Cubans and really liking a couple Dominicans I tried.I also bought a couple fresh hand rolled stogies from these Dominican guys at the Arthur Ave Market in the Bronx two or three years back.They were really nice! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSMnqwdEmd4
  6. All his stuff is muy expensive-o: http://www.ebay.com/sch/synthiverse/m.html?item=231175558306&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  7. Blanche Traditionelle #2 from "06, & La Clandestine.Really enjoying La Clandestine.I haven't touched that bottle in almost three years.Gonna have to go for another.
  8. Oh,right...missed that.But snarky? nahhh,I don't think so.
  9. L'Ancienne 2013?? Either a typo or someone is counterfeiting my absinthe. Or someone bought it on line & decided to sell it at their bar.
  10. I'm very skeptical,have you seen it anywhere else?
  11. Jade NO is the only one currently available for sale in the US,and not in all states.I can't get it in Ct,I would have to go to NY for it.
  12. Side by side with Berthe de Joux.Both bottles were bought two years ago.One bottle has been open all that time and had one dose left.Other bottle opened this evening,breathed in the freshly opened bottle 30 mins,then in the glass for 20 mins.First bottle was more rounded,and balanced,but It didn't seem any "smoother" than the one I just opened.Very nice,I haven't had BDJ in over a year.[This lame description is why I leave revues to the experts].......( Michael Meyers ).