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  1. Just an update: The La Coquette was not sold.As of today I still have available for purchase: La Coquette $61.80 Zubrsinthe 72 (with bison grass) 50 ml $47.00 Roquette $66.00
  2. I know the feeling!....really nice work TK
  3. KY: http://media3.takealot.com/covers/29688193/ky_gel-zoom.jpg?1369642807
  4. When did KY start making absinthe? Welcome to the forum!
  5. Blanche Traditionelle essai #5 - sold
  6. Happy belated GT,hope it was a good one!
  7. Thank you everyone who bought some bottles from me,it really helped me out. I still have a few bottles left: Blanche Traditionelle essai #5, 163 proof $94.00 Zubrsinthe 72 (with bison grass) 50 ml $47.00 La Coquette $61.80 Roquette $66.00
  8. Suuuuure,just keep pickin' the fly shit outa the pepper.Pick - pick pick pick pick!
  9. i was with you that day,and it was the first I had Authentique.I've gone through a few bottles since with no issues.
  10. Wow,I never got that from a bottle of Authentique!
  11. Fortunately for you,you read this forum.It's an excellent source of information with several members who are not only experts on absinthe,but are also privy to the business practices and goings on at many of the international distilleries.Not to mention the WWS members who are commercial producers of absinthe themselves.Not much gets by these guys.
  12. I gotta stop reading these threads with my mouth full.
  13. I wouldn't expect a reputable overseas vendor to require an honest,or regular customer to return the bottle(s) at their own expense for replacement or a refund.Especially if the flawed product is generating multiple complaints.
  14. Authentique - sold Edouard - sold
  15. I gotta get rid of some stuff! Included for sale is a 2011 L'Ancienne. Anyone interested in the following offerings,rather than posting on this thread,please,Please,PLEASE send me a private message instead That way I can keep this thread clean,and it will be a lot easier for members to follow my updates on what has been sold.(Buyer pays shipping)Thanks.....rw 2011 L'Ancienne $101.00 Blanche Traditionelle essai #5, 163 proof $94.00 La Coquette $61.80 L'enjoleuse Barrel Aged $72.45 Perroquet $62.50 Zubrsinthe 72 (with bison grass) 50 ml $47.00 Authentique $64.00 Jade Edouard $73.00 Roquette $66.00