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  1. Pacifique & Jade PF 1901.Using sugar tonight.That's something I haven't done since my first taste of absinthe wich was Lucid 2 or 3 years back.Not bad,I think I'll try sugar for a while, (unless I wake up w/a head).This is my 3rd sitting w/Pacifique.I like it much more than my 1st couple of times.Maybe it's the sugar? I'll have to try it w/& w/o sugar in a couple of days.
  2. Has anyone tried Septante 7? I searched the forum & came up empty handed.,I saw it on absinthes.com 154 proof
  3. Yeah,there's some funny banter there between tunes.The Good Humor Ice Cream truck bit is a riot & a half!
  4. Jade 1901 & Ridge verte.Listening to 1973 Grateful Dead bootlegs.
  5. I suggest you pair the Pacifique with the VP. Just because of the flavor contrast between the two.
  6. Are you sure? I just saw L'Italienne at LDF for $77.76.
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    I make a run to DUNY's Park Slope store from Ct every three months or so to replenish my stash.I'm in & out during the day,& I work on the road, so receiving & signing for a DUNY shipment is always a hassle.They have a couple brands that I really like that are unavailable on the Ct. shelves.
  8. Essai #5. I dont know,it smells kinda funny before water.Can't put my finger on it but,...it smells funny. I like the bottle alot,it reminds me of one of those old ceramic bottles of Lancers rose.
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    Hi Brucea,I juuuust posted a note to you about DUNY/Borisal in Park Slope.I saw your post as soon as I put mine up.Great place, & Kamal rocks!
  10. Strong stuff Absomphe! Have you ever tried Eku 28,or Samichlaus? Not stouts,but also pretty high octane.Sami' only used to be available here on the east cost around Christmas time,but I've noticed it year round over the last couple of years.
  11. I just got my order from LDF this afternoon.Had some Jade PF 1901, Jade Edouard,and finished with Essai #5. Loved 'em all,can't wait until tomorrow!!!! I think I'll hit the sack a little early.
  12. There is programming that changed your abbreviation for "laugh out loud" to the other version. It's because the other is just so overused. Now that's a good one!
  13. Having some friends over for dinner & an Absinthe tasting tonight.I think it's gonna be Pacifique,Duplais,Ridge verte,& VP in that order.I really wanted to include Marteau,but I'm not breaking into my stash until it's back on the shelves again.Should be a fun night!
  14. Zombie, I'm just curious,what didn't you like about Kübler?
  15. I like wine too but as good as it is,I sure can't afford a Chateau Rothschild everytime I pop the cork.Kübler doesn't offend me in the least, & it's the best value that I know of.
  16. Absinthe was definitely an acquired taste for me.When it finally showed up in the stores, Lucid was the first brand I tried.Reminded me of licorice flavored paint thinner.Kübler was my second try & much easier on my palate.I still like Kübler,but I have some new brands in my collection that I've been working on & a couple more on the way from LDF.Ill get back to the Kübler though,I really have to keep my champagne taste on a budweiser budget in check ya know?
  17. I like to keep a bottle on hand in case someone wants to try absinthe for the 1st time.If they like it or almost like it i'll bump them up a notch for their second glass
  18. Hi Rob,that area is one of my favorite motorcycle rides!Last I knew AJ'S (is it AJ'S?) on RT 4 had Spaten Oktoberfest on tap year round.Used to do alot of fly fishing in Cornwall many years back....beautiful beautiful area!
  19. fingerpickinblue,i'm from northwestern Ct near the NY border
  20. i'm on the 4th glass of my 1st bottle of Pacifique....the stuff works prettttty darn good!
  21. Hello everybody! I've been lurking here for about two years and I wanted to finally say hello.Great place to hang out.I've learned quite a bit here,and other than one bottle of Mata Hari I've avoided any mistakes.BTW,the stuff is good for your drains