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  1. Hmmmm......buy a fountain,or two more bottles......
  2. Hey Maredudd,what's that bottle between the DP's?
  3. I can't speak to an allergic skin reaction,but if you're experiencing an airborn allergic reaction to the plant, please consider taking local bee pollen.Results are cumulative,so give it some time.I was having terrible seasonal allergies until 3 yrs ago.I couldn't talk at one point,& it felt like I had a grapefruit size tumor in my left sinus passage. I started using it,& not a sniffle since! I started taking it 2 1/2 mos.prior to when I would have normally had my reaction.
  4. My guess is that lot of these places don't know anything about absinthe other than the so called myths,& they fall victim to the shifty salesman.
  5. And don't take any sugar cubes from strangers.
  6. There was this other gum that had a spring in it. When an unsuspecting person took your offering,it snapped their finger like a mouse trap.
  7. Need some tweezers to go with that? (Sorry,after four glasses i'm too much of an ass to pass that one up)
  8. Yeah, Kübler hasn't seen much action in a while.It's amazing how fast some of that other stuff goes though.
  9. We bought it because it came in a wrigley's wrapper so we could mess w/our friends!
  10. Brut d'Alambic Essai #5 & listening to The Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated"
  11. I used sugar with Lucid when absinthe first became available in the US.I haven't touched Lucid since,but a couple of weeks ago I started to experiment again w/sugar here & there.For me it's ok in some brands,but I'll probably be going "commando" again pretty soon.
  12. I don't know if anyone sees this thread anymore,but here's my stash
  13. Having la'BDJ & Brut d'Alambic essai#5. LDF shipped my order on Monday,& it arrived here in Ct at 10:30 this morning! (I haven't been this excited since I sent away for sea monkeys & onion flavored chewing gum from the back of my old comic books).
  14. Lime Rock,sure! Cornwall,Sharon,& Cannan area.I ride my bike up that way often.I need to fish the Housatonic river up there again,it's been some years now.
  15. I picked up some Guinness imported from Ireland a couple of weeks ago.Different label & higher octane.According to my liquor store,the usual Guinness is made in Canada?!!!!! It was alot different,a little hoppier,creamier,& more carbonation.I liked it alot.Hope to see it on tap somewhere soon.Ice water for me tonight & plenty of it! Had a little too much fun "on the Ridge" last night.
  16. Ridge Verte & listening to Kenny Burell w/John Coltrane on vinyl.
  17. Yup,time for another! Eeeny...meeny...miney.....mo! Mo' Pacifique!!!
  18. I seem to remember viewing a site that said "We no longer ship to Canada or Australia".Maybe it's an on-going hassle.Wish I could remember who it was......
  19. I mean nice about the absinthe...... not the toothache!
  20. Nice!!! LDF - free shipping? For me Pacifique,then La Clandestine.Maybe one more in a little while.
  21. Maybe if I see it at a bar I'll order a glass just to see
  22. I tried that stuff when it first came out,& I really didn't like it.Has the formula changed,or perhaps my palate after a couple of years or whatevever it's been? Miguel seems to really like the stuff,& I'm beginnining to wonder if it's worth another visit.Only thing is, I've been drinking Eddy,1901,Ridge,VP,& I wonder if I'm spoiled. I'd hate to waste the money ya know?
  23. So sorry to hear that your 1901 got grabbed!!!!! I just got 3 bottles of it from "LDF", no problem-o! Only thing is,they were out of 700 mls, so my bottles are 500mls.Who did you order from? Did you contact them RE: your situation,& is there any recourse?