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  1. While Vert d'Absinthe carries some excellent exclusive lines,their shipping is very expensive,w/no quantity discount whatsoever the last I knew.If I can make a friendly suggestion,the next thime you buy a widely available absinthe,check out www.absinthes.com .They have a large selection,very good prices and free shipping with an order of $250 or more. The WWS also has a list of "preferred vendors" you can check out as well.
  2. Are they producing those lines themselves,or are they just making their facility available for an independent distiller(s) to come in and use for Verte d'Abs and for whoever else I wonder?
  3. From what I understand it wasn't just one line.
  4. I read your review on Abs.com.I see you mixed at 3:1.That would be pretty hot for me.Have you tried it with more water? Maybe around 4:1,4.5,or 5:1 might make it a little more drinkable for you.....(just a suggestion)
  5. Try Absinthes.com They have free shipping with (last I knew) a $250 purchase.Much bigger selection there as well.I've purchased from them many times.
  6. I regret having sold one of my bottles of the old Sauvage.I didn't care for it at first,and that may have been due to an under-developed palate.After revisiting it in a few months I loved the stuff.I was thinking about buying a bottle or two if it was ever re-released,but with what appears to be a trend in the decline in the quality of product coming out of the Pernot distillery,I laid out on this one.What's the reason for this quality issue? Did they start buying sub standard ingredients in return for higher profits?Did they F-up a few batches & release them anyway? If so,that's very unfortunate for them.If they needed more profit,I would rather they raised their price a few bucks.If I remember right,their average price was about $70 a bottle from Abs.com(I know...the Sauvage was much more expensive)Compare that to the price of $99.99 for the Jades from DUNY,or $85 for La Clandestine (DUNY as well) and in my opinion,they had a little wiggle room.A few of their absinthes were absolute favorites of mine,and now I probably won't buy their stuff again.Glad I still have a little old stock on hand.
  7. A friend of mine goes to Tuscany every year,and brings me back some absinthe flavored dark chocolate candy.You might like a good blanche added to the eggnog this holiday.I like to grate a little nutmeg on top.
  8. Some great ideas can be found here: http://wormwoodsociety.org/forums/forum/54-the-cookbook/
  9. Hey,you can't talk about my friend Absomphe like that!!
  10. Let me try this again: I don't know why this made me think of Songcatcher:
  11. I don't know why this made me think of Songcatcher: https://video.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xfa1/v/t43.1792-2/10301246_10152376716757653_1892102773_n.mp4?efg=eyJybHIiOjE1MDAsInJsYSI6MTAyNH0%3D&rl=1500&vabr=597&oh=aef1e091755799ee40469b130aefe8f3&oe=55EE6F27
  12. Always easier to ask for forgivness than for permission.The Belle Ami Blanche is very good too if you haven't tried it.
  13. I just got these videos of my acoustic trio up on youtube recently.They were recorded at The GW Tavern in Washington Ct on 12/7/13.It's at this very cozy & eclectic bar/restaurant where I first met WWS member Rob Fritz.Hope some of you enjoy the tunes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L39e6J2ldoQ&index=1&list=PLkmOR0KrjlSmIpvV4SZRBWybkXe3AUI2Y
  14. Congrats SC,tobacco is by far the hardest drug I ever tried to kick.