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  1. Me either, I'm sure that I would have done the same. Kinda like how another member recently put the word out RE: the new release of sauvage.Much appreciated btw!!!!
  2. essai #5 -This stuff still smells funny to me before water.Like sake?...can't put my finger on it.Nice louche at 163 proof,with blue-ish hi-lites.Reminds me of a liquified opal.Ok,getting a little carried away here,back to work.
  3. I've really been wanting to break into what's left of my Marteau,but I've been abstaining until it's available again.Hope to see it soon.
  4. Sounds like an "expert" review to me. Coming from you........
  5. My shipment of Sauvage arrived this morning,and I'm having my first taste now.I didn't get to try the first batch,so I can't compare,but i'll be really surprised to read any negative comments about this.I did a high slow drip,and it turned out nice and creamy.I'm not knowlegable or articulate enough to give an "expert" review,but this is the most flavorful,sophisticated,and enjoyable absinthe I've had yet.A little sweet at first,then a beautiful dance of herbs,with a nice numbing,lingering wormwood finish.It's gonna be a kicker tonight!!
  6. The Sauvage arrived this morning! I really need to have more patience.Hoping everyone else gets their delivery asap,and looking forward to trying it out w/you on"what ya drinking tonight"
  7. No it is not sitting there, Dhl passes your package to usps and usually you lose the tracking. I've had packages in customs per tracking for two weeks only to have already have it. So try your tracking # on usps. Yeah,I did know that.I tracked it on USPS & stopped in to the office as well,& they don't have it either. They printed out the same tracking info that I already had.
  8. Has anyone received their shipment of Sauvage vet?Mine cleared customs 48 hrs ago,I only live 1.25 hrs away,& it's still sitting over there.
  9. Duplais,Bd'J,VP,& Kübler.After having not touched the stuff in a long time,I believe I may have spoken too soon in defense of Kübler on another thread.I don't think I'll be drinking the stuff again unless I have nothing else to choose from.It tastes like it's been pre-sweetened to me,& there's nothing much else happening.So much for getting away cheap!
  10. I've been drinking some high end stuff for a good while now,& I wanted to see if I've become jaded.(no pun intended) So last night I poured a small glass of Kübler & I didn't have a problem with it at all.I'm gonna start adding it to my four brand sessions every now & then.
  11. I had a little stash of T. Hardy's some years ago w/grand plans of waiting 15+ yrs.You can guess how well that went.
  12. Hmmmm...Thomas Hardy's. Been a long time since I've had that!
  13. One of which is totally disgusting. Not to everyone.
  14. Yup! $99.99......& 1 litre-Kübler for $39.99
  15. Thanks,I'm gonna check that out.
  16. I don't know how the liquor laws work in Co,but in Ct & NY,if it's available in the bar,it's available in the liquor store.In Co,if the store doesn't normally stock it,can they order it for you?