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  1. Marteau 2008!!!!! I just couldn't take it anymore.I was gonna' wait until it was on the shelves again,but everytime I go to pick a bottle, there it is staring at me going..."open me Bobby,....open me"!!! This bottle's 2/3rds gone and it's been open for about two yrs I think. So glad I stopped waiting! I have one unopened that I do want to save for a good long time.(see how that goes)
  2. Right! Maybe I didn't make that clear. I'm not a total caveman though,I would be spreading those 6 oz out over 4 drinks!
  3. Jade Eddy. Listening to the Stones- "Sticky Fingers." Moonlight Mile's playing now.
  4. Jade 1901. Speaking of wich,I found some nice replacement corks at Bed Bath and Beyond recently.You get a packet of 6 for $6.Three T tops,and three plain tops.Made of real cork and they're all tapered.Fits the Jades very nicely.
  5. My order got here in about 10 days,and any questions I had were answered almost immediately.Check out Liqueurs de France as well.The customer service was just as good,and my order arrived in only 4 or 5 days!Not sure if they sell L'Ancienne,but they have some great stuff in their inventory.Also both places offer free shipping if you order $200 or more.
  6. OY,I'm gettin' a headache! What I was saying was,if I drink 6 oz of 81% absinthe,I'm going to feel the affects more than if I drink 6 oz of 53% absinthe.Regardless of how much water,kool aid, zima or whatever else I mix it with. I've still consumed 6oz of absinthe.But now at 4.5oz of 81%,I think I'm gonna call it an early night 1.5 oz short of goal.You guys are great.Capt.Video signing off.
  7. I briefley checked their shipping policies,and it didn't look like they guaranteed delivery,or much else.At about $3,000 for an unmarked bottle? "Iiiim not gunna try it,Yooou try it!
  8. I understand. But that wasn't my point. The amount of alcohol ingested per glass will of course go up, but my point was that if you're using a higher ABV absinthe, you should be using more water to prepare it properly. Ahem ?
  9. I think LDF is the only one who sells the Essais,and Absinthes.com sells the Capricieuse.I''ve never had it,but I really like Clandestine.
  10. Ok,louche all you want, but if I drink 6oz at 81% in one sitting,it's gonna hit me harder than 6oz at 53%.In fact,I'm gonna go open some Essai #2 and do that right now! .
  11. How so? If I start with 1 1/2 oz of 53%, or using the same measure but it's the essai at 81.5%,drink to drink makes a difference.(I think)Especially when you're gonna have a few.
  12. They mostly are,but the makers of Clandestine also make a la bleue called Absinthe Capricieuse at 72%.I also really like the "Essai's" from Matter-Luginbuhl sold still proof at 81.5% Five a' those knocks me right on my keester boy I'll tell ya!
  13. Always looking to skate when I can,thanks for the tip!
  14. Made a pitcher of Red Zinger iced tea mixed with fresh squeezed home made lemonade.
  15. I don't know,I've been drinking water through copper plumbing for 50 yrs.Blood work is still normal.
  16. I always thought that lead was only or mostly dangerous to children.Is there a doctor in the house?
  17. Sauvage and listening to The Bill Evans Trio live at the Village Vanguard
  18. Sauvage.The color is sort of on the "brownish" side.Sort of reminds me of autumn leaves.(the botanicals,not the song) It looks a little bit like the pics I've seen of pre-ban stuff.What a great absinthe.How can I ever go back to or even attempt to defend Kübler again?