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  1. My list is in no particular order.My mood dictates what my favorite is. 1) Jade Edouard,2) Brut d'Alambic essai #2, 3) VP, 4)Sauvage, 5) Berthe de Joux, 6) Jade NO, 7) L'Ancienne, 8) Marteau, 9) Ridge Verte, 10) Pacifique
  2. I saw a video on youtube of someone holding a thick phone book against a wall for protection.Looked about as safe as it was gonna get.
  3. I meant to say qualified as non-commercial.
  4. Thanks! I kinda figured the "moonshine" variety qualified.
  5. Please excuse my ignorance,but what would be some examples of a non-commercial absinthe?
  6. That's great!!!! How did I get through my life with out knowing these life saving techniques!
  7. It probably doesn't matter,but I wouldn't want to use an old cork from a scotch or bourbon bottle for my absinthe.
  8. I think the dry,crumbly corks are part of their attempt to be as authentic to a 100 year old plus bottle of preban as possible .I mentioned on another thread that I found some really good replacement corks at Bed Bath & Beyond.One six pack contains three T tops & three plain tops,all tapered,they fit great.Real cork,not plastic.After I open a new bottle of Jade,I throw out their cork and use a replacement.
  9. Just re-checked: 1 AUD = 1.018 USD. Don't ya' think those prices are a little stiff?
  10. I googled a USD conversion & it came up almost equal.
  11. Pacifique and Tom Waits - Heart Attack & Vine. "On the Nickel" is playing now. (real tear jerker)
  12. Didn't George Carlin do a bit about this? "wanna buy some shit"? "i dunno,never really thought about it" "here try some" "woah..that is really good shit,gimme a lid" "ya want some papers to do w/that"? "yeah,I'll take a roll or two" (or somethin' like that). Pacifique for me tonight!
  13. I use absinthes.com,Ld'F (both offer free shipping w/a $200 minimum order) & duny.com. I just checked out Absinthe Salon in Australia,holy shit !!! are those prices for real?
  14. Bill,I really hope I can find my way back to that,I used to like it just fine. I think I've really spoiled myself with all this ritzy titsy shit I've been drinking.
  15. remember, that it is cleaning products that kill. Not if you strain them through a loaf of bread first! Woops! There go the dregs from a bottle of Eddy.....(spring cleaning tonight)
  16. A glass of sauvage,then finishing off the end of three bottles: VP,Pacifique,and an Essai #5. Watching that last drop go always makes me a little sad.
  17. Hi Steffano, I ordered some L'Ancienne along with some Peroquette yesterday.I've never tried either but I'm very much looking forward to your well revued product!
  18. Marteau 2008!!!!! I just couldn't take it anymore.I was gonna' wait until it was on the shelves again,but everytime I go to pick a bottle, there it is staring at me going..."open me Bobby,....open me"!!! This bottle's 2/3rds gone and it's been open for about two yrs I think. So glad I stopped waiting! I have one unopened that I do want to save for a good long time.(see how that goes)
  19. Right! Maybe I didn't make that clear. I'm not a total caveman though,I would be spreading those 6 oz out over 4 drinks!