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  1. Just a heads up.....BdJ is running low. LdF is out,and so is the Pernot distillery.Absinthes.com is the only vendor I know of that has some in stock.BTW,has anyone heard when Roquete will be available again?
  2. Baking soda & water....too much lamb jalfrezi at the Indian buffet.
  3. Right, as far as I know only Absithes.com carries it. (better get two if you can)!!!
  4. I actually have a reason to celebrate for a change.......L'Ancienne,& Brut d'Alambic #2
  5. I almost did. This vendor has alot of schwag for sale along with alot of misinformation regarding many of those and other brands. For instance: http://www.absinthe-dealer.com/absinthe/ab...t-absinthe.html
  6. Your corks are just fine,Jade corks are crumbly,they break,and pretty much suck.
  7. Hey Abs,didn't catch that.. Happy birthday!!!
  8. Both sound really good! Just bought some fresh made chorizo at this little Spanish market yesterday.Had chorizo tacos today.Linguine w/chorizo & white clam sauce (and a little fresh habanero) tomorrow for sure!
  9. Many over seas vendors offer free shipping w/a $200 purchase,and I've always found their packaging to be more than adequate,so it's worth looking into.You can always pad your order w/a couple of glasses or spoons if necessary.
  10. Glad you think so! A real favorite of mine.
  11. Not as interesting as what you guys are up to: Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger iced tea with home made lime aid and crushed fresh mint leaves in a frosted glass. (gonna try a dose of absinthe in there some time)
  12. Ya gotta wonder who pays these "journalists" and where/if they research their topics.
  13. 'Tis the season..Tangueray & Schweppes tonic for me one night soon!
  14. I like Edouard the best.For other French brands I like everything I've tried by Emile Pernot.
  15. I've found this thread to be very useful to me over the last 2-3 years.If it wasn't for this thread I may not have known about, or tried some brands that I really love.Hopefully the vets here who haven't yet tired of this exercise won't (regardless of how often their tastes change).In my opinion it would do a disservice to the new and enthusiastic who use this thread as a point of reference.
  16. This is probably gonna sound wierd,but I drank a little Kübler "neat" last night.I was surprised that I liked it alot better that way than louched,and at 53% it wasn't rough on the esophagus at all.
  17. Nope!!! yer not the only one!!! I thought Tracey Ulman was great though.
  18. Just got home from work,had a glass of Eddy,and I'm almost done with a glass of Sauvage.Now if only there was a Chinese restaurant open!
  19. X2......Also,Berthe de Joux comes with a T-cork. Fear not,drink up!