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  1. Yeah,I go about 3.5:1 no sugar.Thanks to a couple remarks by Scott M on other threads, I realized i wasn't using enough water on some brands.I like them alot better now.
  2. Any time FPB! We are practically neighbors.
  3. Simple sounds good Bill,bon appetit!
  4. Pan seared venison back strip medallions w/crushed black pepper,and crushed juniper berries in a chianti cream sauce and,a side of buttered,parsleyed egg noodles.Sure beats last night's dinner of Ramen noodles w/a little oyster sauce & sesame oil.
  5. Like the "cheese cutter" at Murray's Cheese Shop on Bleeker Street says.."wutzamattuh, too steenky fodayou? Throw in some Carr's original water wafers & let everyone else have the pate.
  6. St Albray. Like a Very stinky brie when ripe! http://iledefrancecheese.com/index.php/St..../st-albray.html
  7. Indeed! You could have at least added a personal touch by misspelling something.
  8. There,fixed! Congratulations,you're gonna love the stuff!
  9. well you can always flambe' if you have any doubts or concerns,but i've never noticed an alchoholic taste w/this.I've served it to guests many times who would never touch absinthe or an anchovy.Oh well,if you try it,I hope you like it.
  10. I think you'll find the proportions are fine.1/2 Cup absinthe makes a sauce for 4 fennel bulbs cut in half.That's 1 Tbs absinthe per piece.Fennel bulbs are pretty big suckers.And the alchohol is burned off.
  11. I've heard some schools say "never heat oil to smoking" However certain situations call for oil heated just to the smoking point.When searing meats and vegs,also in Cajun cooking when blackening meats,fish & poultry .You don't let it smoke for any period of time.As soon as the smoke appears put the item to be cooked right in.Also in this Italian recipe like so many others that use anchovies as part of a sauce,you need the high temp for them to dissolve properly and impart their flavor into the sauce.Otherwise you have anchovy chunks,and their flavor is too strong,like on an anchovy pizza.
  12. 4 fennel bulbs, fronds reserved 4 TBS extra-vigin olive oil 4 garlic cloves,thinly sliced 6 anchovy filets,rinsed and dried (salt packed prefferably) 1/2 C absinthe Bring 3 quarts water to boil. Blanch fennel bulbs in the boiling water for 10-12 mins or until fork tender. Drain bulbs well & cut each in half. In a 14-16" nonstick sauté pan,heat the olive oil over medium heat until smoking. Add the fennel pieces, cut side down,and sauté slowly until golden brown 8-10 mins. Add the garlic to the pan and turn the bulbs over. Mash the anchovies to a paste and add to the pan w/the absinthe. Swirl pan and cook until alcohol evaporates, about 1 minute. Remove fennel bulbs to a serving dish. Chop the reserved fennel fronds, add to the liquid remaining in the pan, and pour over the fennel. Serve warm.
  13. I live about an hour away from DUNY,and I occasionally stop in and pick up a couple bottles that I can't get here in Ct. Delivery is a pain because I'm never here to sign. Kamal's always been very good to me.
  14. I just noticed that DUNY isn't carrying any DP products.That's kinda strange.Kamal poured a glass each of MOL & WW for me a few yrs ago before they were on the market,& I thought he carried them after that.Figured he'd be on the Blues Cat as well.
  15. I just tried that.I was going a bit lighter on the water as I usually tend to do.Seems a little watery to me at 4:1, but I'll mess around with it some more in a few minutes.
  16. It is very different.When I first tried Perroquet it was quite overwhelming.Very spicy.I had ordered three bottles and I was wondering what I was going to do with it all.It's grown on me,although it's not one of my favorites.Maybe it will be in time though.I've paired it with L'Ancienne a few times as well and really enjoyed it as long as I ended with L'Ancienne.
  17. Ok,thought it was just me! If I had to compare the three,it's kind of like a week Sauvage.Certainly not like Perroquet,except maybe for that certain "thing" that all the Pernots I've tried seem to have in common.
  18. I'm not a fan of T corks. I like to use tapered replacement corks.
  19. I don't know if it's in the same category,but I like Fuller's ESB alot.Haven't seen it around for a while.