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  1. I've been trying to break myself of the habit of not adding enough water to my absinthe. I'm going to try adding more water to VP. next time.Maybe I won't find it to be so sweet.
  2. This is pretty cool shit! Guy playing Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies on water glasses.
  3. You don't think VP is sweet enough w/o adding sugar?..... .....I couldn't do it.
  4. All the EP products I've tried seem to have that similar "thing" about them,kind of like how the Jades have their own thing. The VP seems very powdery & sweet to me of the EP's I've tried.Have you tried Sauvage?
  5. i don't think you could do that today,but it wasn't uncommon to see back then.I had a backpack,sleeping bag,and a tent,food (a loaf of bread,peanut butter),& water.When it got near night,I'd drop down off the highway and make a camp in the woods for the night.Looking back I really wish they had baby wipes back then! Good luck with what you need to do,and I hope you find what you're supposed to.
  6. I'm in no way criticizing AFO's decision to join a monestery.This is just an experience I had while hitch hiking cross country in the mid 70's. I found myself living on a commune in Tennesee run by Stephen Gaskin.They called it a "church." It was a cult.The "followers" had most of their brains,including any desire to think for themselves,and retain any shred of their identity as an individual sucked right out of their fucking heads.As a result of their brain washing,they were left happy,giggling,mindless sheep.I was constantly locking horns with the leaders,and after three months of this,I packed my shit,stuck out my thumb,and got the fuck out!! That whole road trip was an incredible experience!
  7. Ok wait a minute!! Where's the real Miguel and what did you do with him!!!
  8. I think L'Ancienne is a great choice.Another one I would try is Brut d'Alambic,sold still proof at 81.5%.It's sold online by Liqueurs de France and made by Matter Luginbuhl, the same people who make Duplais and Mansinthe.
  9. I'd probably have the same expectations going in,but knowing myself as well as I do,it would probably be one of the first things I'd be looking for when I got out.
  10. Love that stuff! I gotta find it again somewhere,it's been a few years.
  11. 1Lb penne 1/4 c extra virgin olive oil 5 cloves garlic,crushed 8 oz prosciutto,sliced thin,and finely diced 1/2 c coarsley chopped walnuts 1 c freshley grated Parmesan cheese salt and pepper to taste 1/2 c unsalted butter 25 fresh sage leaves Cook penne al dente.Heat olive oil in a large saute pan over medium heat.Add garlic and cook until it starts to color,about two minutes.Add prosciutto and continue to cook until meat is browned.Add the walnuts and saute for one to two minutes more.Remove from the heat. Add cooked pasta to the saute pan and toss.Stir in the cheese.Season with salt and pepper.Place in a seving dish. Heat the butter in a clean saute pan and add the sage.Cook for one to two minutes.Spoon the sage butter over the pasta and serve.
  12. Alot of the bottles she wiped out were big 1.75's of top shelf vodka,whiskey,gin,etc that I'd buy when I was in Vt,or NH.Since I really never drank that stuff, they hardly had a dent in them.Thing is they were there for company,and I wouldn't have minded at all if she had a drink or two while she was there.
  13. I went on a motorcycle trip some years back, and I had a woman come to the house a couple times a day to take care of my dog.When I got home and poured a drink,it tasted watered down.Tried something else,same thing.Turned out she watered down everything including the low proof "mixers" to the point of no return.This was long before I ever had absinthe.If she did that now to my collection of absinthe that I worked so hard for,& took so long to collect I don't know WTF i'd do! There would surely be a story about it in the local papers at least! Better hide that L'Ancienne you got!!!
  14. Ok,that explains it. Thanks, Phoenix I'll sleep well tonight!
  15. then brut d'alambic shouldn't louche when I add water?!! It's bottled full strength @ 81.5% from the still straight to the bottle. It produces a beautiful opalescent louche. somebody help! I've been obsessing over this for some time now
  16. I'm speaking in general,not specifically of that brand.I'm under the impression that absinthe is diluted prior to bottling or you'd get distiller's strength of over 80% like with Matter's brand Brut d'Alambic.
  17. Ok, this is probably a stupid question,but when a batch of absinthe is diluted for sale,why doesn't it louche?
  18. Brought some Pacifique to a dinner party this evening.Four newb's tried it,& they all liked it alot. Four for four.
  19. Water.....it's like I'm almost afraid to add the stuff.
  20. I'm a pretty big fan of Clandestine.I'd be interested in your opinion (or anyone else's) of Capriceuse.