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  1. Happy 27th!!!! ......(Don't do anything i would)
  2. Wow! haven't been here in a while...forgot how much fun this place can be! Hope you all are well!!!
  3. Sorry,please delete this topic.I couln't get the video to post.
  4. Happy birthday young lady....Don't do anything I would!
  5. With Stefano suspending production of his absinthes "indefinitely," and the decline in quality of Pernot brands such as Authentique,Sauvage,and Roquette,I wish I had the forsight,and the will power to archive a couple bottles of each of these to pass down to future generations.Hopefully someone will do this.I wonder how these favorite absinthes of mine will be regarded 100 yrs from now?
  6. Happy birthday... I'll have a couple for ya!
  7. I recycle them.Try this to remove your label first: http://www.labeloff.com/?gclid=CjwKEAjw0KK4BRDCiKHD5Ny8pHESJACLE620SP7a7lTsretZKtp6QDvbDKC1PPQ0DJ3_5bvmLlGKBxoCSFvw_wcB
  8. Hmmm.....I just googled the instrument & it looks like it's been around for some time.I wasn't aware of it.Thanks SC!
  9. Wow that's different.A frettless nylon string banjo.
  10. It's always been at the top of my list and in my cabinet.
  11. I threw an oz of blanche into a mint ice cream milk shake.Not too bad! Might be a good way for some to get rid of their Kübler.
  12. FPB...the gentle hand of reason.