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  1. redwun

    Wanna trade?

    Ok,the La Granouille is sold,here's what's left
  2. redwun

    Wanna trade?

    I left one out on the last post
  3. Spaten Optimator Doppelbock.Real nice beer for a cold winter night. Saw a little refrigerator keg of Newcastle Brown Ale and almost bought it.(Trying to learn restraint)
  4. redwun

    Wanna trade?

    I still have some over stock I'd like to see go to a good home: Jade Nouvelle Orleans (comes with the blue box) Jade - PF1901 (50 cl) Vieux Pontarlier Ridge Verte PM me to trade or purchase, Thanks....RW
  5. I don't know,I can see a few n the picture- Self Actualizing: "failure to thrive" Self Esteem: "self neglect" Safety/Security: "ready for enhanced parenting" Physiological: "rIsk for aspiration" They'll probably be memory impaired as well!
  6. Blanche Traditionelle Essai #5 and Perroquet listening to "Money Jungle" The Duke Ellington Trio with Charles Mingus and Max Roach.
  7. Blanche Traditionelle Essai #5, and Perroquet
  8. Better than thinking of Absomphe's briefs. That was very funny!
  9. Hey SC,did you see the Hobbit yet?I saw it on Saturday.
  10. I agree! but if I had to chose one,I'd go with the Roquette
  11. You'll be a hero SC!
  12. Same here..I use sugar once in a great while.
  13. Steven,I tried Mansinthe when it first came out.It was fine,but I never had the urge to buy it again.Try letting an absinthe you're not crazy about rest like Louchey said,or just come back to it after exploring other brands and developing your palate for a while.I've been pleasantly surprised a few times that way.