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  1. I used to do four,now it's three.(it's tough getting old)
  2. I really like The Slaughtered Lamb Pub on 182 W.4th st right near Washington Sq. Park.
  3. Hi, AF, glad to see you enjoyed your 1st glass,& had a great time at the bar.Your adventure has begun,and a lot of great experiences are in store for you.
  4. That's right,I forgot,I really bought more of it than I should have.
  5. Sauvage. I wasn't crazy about the stuff when I first got it last year,but I'm really enjoying my second glass tonight.If anyone bumps into Rob Fritz,please tell him I wanna buy my bottle back from him.Gonna end the night with a stiff glass of Roquette. (For some reason I really want Chinese food right now).
  6. I brought a bottle of VP to a birthday party tonight.A lot of curious enthusiastic guests wanted to try it,and they all had the usual questions.Everybody that tried it really liked it.Mission accomplished.
  7. redwun

    Wanna trade?

    Ok,the La Granouille is sold,here's what's left
  8. Doing a full dose side by side with Blanche Traditionelle essai #2 & #5 from Matter.The #2 is from '06,& the #5 from '09.I haven't touched the '02 in a long time,and it seems to have matured very nicely.Not nearly as hot as it once was or when compared to #5 which seems to have smoothed out considerably as well.I really like the opalescent color of the louche.It's pretty thin though,and the 81.5% alcohol content is probably at least partially responsible for that.Really wish I took the chance to try the #4.
  9. Angostura bitters with ginger ale.(Those two bacon chili dogs are repeating on me)
  10. If you can't find much locally,you may want to try DUNY http://www.drinkupny.com/absinthe_s/86.htm They carry La Clandestine,along with some other nice absinthes.
  11. I still have a little left from a sample bottle.I haven't tried it on ice cream,but a few drops really opens up some of Pernot's absinthes in a nice way.