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  1. Just had my first glass of MOL from the latest batch.I tried the prototype some years back.I didn't care for it,and never had it since.I've really been missing out.This is perfect on a hot summer night.Cool,crisp,very subtle floral finish,and equally subtle wormwood lingering on.First glass empty,back to the kitchen.
  2. How many times has he patiently given that rap?!!!
  3. Click on "vintage absinthes" and scroll down the page to "samples". The Georges Pernod is 150 euros & the Junod is 140 euros.
  4. I seem to remember a thread about not freezing absinthe because of crystallization of the oils or something like that.
  5. L'Enjoleuse & La Coquette from the Parisienne series are awesome.I wouldn't leave the store without them.(just my opinion)
  6. This looks pretty good and might keep more of the bottle from going down the sink:
  7. Ain't dat purdy! Worth the ride from anywhere. Thanks for the congrats Scott & Greytail.Good to have that done & behind me!
  8. About six absinthes I've been wanting to try,plus a couple surprises. Thanks Scott!
  9. Pretty cool, where'd you get it? i haven't seen it for sale online yet.
  10. Welcome Navidson! And FPB, I'll have another one of your Sazeracs next time I'm over!
  11. Roquette by Emile Pernot is about as close as I can think of.I think Absinthes.com has some in stock.
  12. I dropped an oz. of La Clandestine into an ice cold glass of Tropical Rhythms Sorrel (hibiscus) Ginger drink.I never had a rouge,but the idea is what inspired me to try this.Pretty good,I'll try it again on a really hot day.I bet some freshly bruised mint leaves would have been good in this.
  13. Hope yer having a great day with a few of your favorite glasses!
  14. I was referring to myself using Slip's pick and a favorite phrase of his.
  15. the 4:20 pot related reference ...you being one of those musician types 'n all. *I resemble that remark!
  16. Happy Birthday !!! (Now if I were a drinkin' man..... )
  17. OK,here goes,but I'm no Michael Meyers......I noticed the '12 had a faint sweetness to it that I don't get from the'11.It's also not quite as heavy.It still tastes like I'm drinking an antique absinthe,but it's not as "musty" (pardon the expression) as the '11.They have some real differences,but I can't say I like one over the other.I think the'12 might win some people over who didn't care for the last batch though.The '12 is from a sample that a member here was kind enough to send me,I didn't buy any of the '12.