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  1. I'm not crazy about this stuff.(yet) Maybe with some resting,but right now it's just too minty for me.I didn't love Sauvage at first either,but now I wish I had more than the one bottle in my cabinet.Hopefully I'll feel the same about Belle Amie down the road as well.
  2. gee 13,the Delaware Phoenix products have a thick wax seal over the T cork & top section of the bottle's neck.I wouldn't worry about taping up the cork with those or any other brands that use a wax seal,unless you're transporting a previously opened bottle.
  3. I gave the second half of a sample of batch 2 to an absinthe virgin a couple of weeks ago.He liked it a lot until I poured him his second glass which was Ridge V.Then his eyes opened up and he said "Oh yeah,I really like this"!!!
  4. Thanks again for all the b-day wishes.Drinking Ridge tonight with a couple friends,last one just left....time for some sleep!!!
  5. Thanks,you guys are awesome! :groupwave reversed: There's my ride,gotta go!
  6. The Roquette is a favorite of mine.Abs.com also sells Authentique by the same distillerie.It's a really good one too,and it might be a little more "newcomer friendly" for your friends.I like La Clandestine a lot when I'm in the mood for a blanche,but with all the really good brands they sell,I would put my money to better use than Kübler though.(just my opinion)
  7. Spaghetti with hazelnut anchovy pesto.
  8. Roquette is a favorite of mine.Loved it as soon as I tried it.I'm from the east coast as well,and drank Moxie obsessively as a kid.The taste was sorta like angostura bitters soda.Hadn't seen it in years until I saw it in six packs recently at a grocery store and almost went for it.Gonna stop in and see if they still carry it.Hopefully they haven't changed the recipe.Thanks for the reminder and the blast from the past.
  9. Blanche Traditionelle isn't sold in the US.You can get it here: http://www.absintheonline.com/acatalog/Kallnacher_Swiss_absinthe.html
  10. Wow, thank you everyone for this great and positive feedback, I'm glad to hear that it seems we're doing a lot right. It's thrilling to see that there are some members here that would like to see us on the preferred vendors list! Thanks again for your support You guys are the best Miriam,I just placed an order with you last week. Thanks for all the past orders and free shipping.
  11. Kostritzer black lager. http://rockonbeer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/k%C3%B6stritzer.jpg
  12. I wish you'd reconsider.I believe Abs.com deserves "official" support of this forum.New members (and even lurkers),tend to seek our advice,are directed to the review page here,and usually make very good informed decisions as a result.Since many of Abs.com's less desirable & crappy brands are reviewed here as well,noobs who research this forum seem to avoid the bad choices from what I've noticed.Their customer service is amazing,their prices are excellent,they run specials on top shelf products,and they're one of if not THE last vendor to offer free shipping.I feel these are excellent qualities,and they shouldn't be excluded from the preferred vendor's list just because they sell some crappy stuff too.
  13. Absinthes.com's prices on full bottles are great,and shipping is free w/a $250 purchase.It's never taken longer than 10 days for me to get my shipment.I use them almost exclusively now.
  14. Hey,you can't talk to my friend Songcatcher like that!!
  15. I suggested in another thread that La Grenouille might be a good match with Indian curries.I get cardamom (which I wouldn't know if Stefano actually used or not) and maybe coriander in the finish.Anyway,It's pretty spicy stuff that could cut right through a vindaloo and I think compliment many Indian foods very nicely.