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    Redwun's Purge 2015

    Just an update: The La Coquette was not sold.As of today I still have available for purchase: La Coquette $61.80 Zubrsinthe 72 (with bison grass) 50 ml $47.00 Roquette $66.00
  2. redwun

    Redwun's Purge 2015

    La Coquette - sold
  3. redwun

    Absinthe motifs in art of TK

    I know the feeling!....really nice work TK
  4. redwun

    Greetings from a KY absinthe lover.

    KY: http://media3.takealot.com/covers/29688193/ky_gel-zoom.jpg?1369642807
  5. redwun

    Greetings from a KY absinthe lover.

    When did KY start making absinthe? Welcome to the forum!
  6. redwun

    Hey Clown!

    Hope you had a good one Abs!
  7. redwun

    Redwun's Purge 2015

    Blanche Traditionelle essai #5 - sold
  8. redwun


    Happy belated GT,hope it was a good one!
  9. redwun

    Redwun's Purge 2015

    Thank you everyone who bought some bottles from me,it really helped me out. I still have a few bottles left: Blanche Traditionelle essai #5, 163 proof $94.00 Zubrsinthe 72 (with bison grass) 50 ml $47.00 La Coquette $61.80 Roquette $66.00
  10. redwun

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Thank you sir!
  11. redwun

    Jollity Magazine (hilarious gaffe)

    Suuuuure,just keep pickin' the fly shit outa the pepper.Pick - pick pick pick pick!
  12. redwun

    Oak Aged Roquette

    i was with you that day,and it was the first I had Authentique.I've gone through a few bottles since with no issues.
  13. redwun

    Oak Aged Roquette

    Wow,I never got that from a bottle of Authentique!
  14. redwun

    Oak Aged Roquette

    Fortunately for you,you read this forum.It's an excellent source of information with several members who are not only experts on absinthe,but are also privy to the business practices and goings on at many of the international distilleries.Not to mention the WWS members who are commercial producers of absinthe themselves.Not much gets by these guys.
  15. I gotta stop reading these threads with my mouth full.
  16. redwun

    Redwun's Purge 2015

    Perroquet - sold
  17. redwun

    Oak Aged Roquette

    I wouldn't expect a reputable overseas vendor to require an honest,or regular customer to return the bottle(s) at their own expense for replacement or a refund.Especially if the flawed product is generating multiple complaints.
  18. redwun

    Redwun's Purge 2015

    L'Ancienne - sold
  19. redwun

    Redwun's Purge 2015

    L'enjoleuse -sold
  20. redwun

    Redwun's Purge 2015

    Authentique - sold Edouard - sold
  21. redwun


    Happy Birthday!
  22. redwun

    Florida retail chain marketing "effects"

    Must be some good shit.
  23. I read a thread here some time ago about this (or maybe it was somewhere else).It advised against storing absinthe in the freezer like vodka,or adding ice to absinthe neat,because the oils will crystallize.I've occasionally added an ice cube to a louched glass that got warm and never had a problem.