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  1. Not really drinking. Drizzled a little Un Sapin liqueur over french vanilla ice cream.
  2. Mixed a shot of la clandestine into a glass of eggnog (more than twice) and garnished it with a little fresh ground nutmeg. Pretty good!
  3. Hey Ms. Monkey, good to "see" you too, and I hope all's well with you and yours! I just started drinking absinthe again after taking a couple years off. Looks like a lot has changed with the products and vendors since I last made my last purchase. Hopefully I'll pick up some new tips from you folks. 🍸
  4. I opened a bottle of absinthe for the first time in quite while. It made me think of all you guys, & I wanted to check in. Hope everyone is well! having a 2011 L'Ancienne, a 2012 L'Ancienne, (thanks for the sample Songcatcher)! and a 2012 Jade VS 1898.
  5. You too Ms Monkey! Hope all's well with everyone!
  6. oh "Martha"....I was wondering who "Stewart" was.
  7. That sounds a lot better than using it to remove the lining from your intestines.


  8. I used my bottle to remove the lime scale in my toilet