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  1. I may have to be my own judge on this one.
  2. Come on, is it really true? Can someone please stand up for the 3rd edition of Sauvage, so I can order it? I missed the first, but got the 2nd. And will be in love forever. Please someone who has had the 3rd And the previous, SPEAK now.
  3. Living it up, with a glass or two of Marteau.
  4. It's only mid afternoon, but I've just had a glass of Pacifique, And I'm now having a glass of Marteau. So Cheers.
  5. Darjeerling loose leaf tea. Felt like a caffene night for me.
  6. Couple Jagermeister shots and a whiskey sour- Crown
  7. the closest thing to Sauvage, for me, is BDJ, and Roquette. not quite the same, but as close as you can get.
  8. BDJ is awesome. Just sayin. Having a glass of Pacifique. I could go for some Roquette, or something EP, if not for shipping costs.
  9. Roquette is awesome. I could go for some of that.
  10. Listening to Leonard Cohen at the moment, enjoying a modest glass of Pacifique. Just posted my first review by the way. It was for Ridge Blanche under the alias 'currentlyjustin'.
  11. It's not night yet, but I am enjoying the first glasses of the four absinthes I received yesterday. Ridge Blanche and MoL are the standouts of the four, for me.
  12. Just thinking about Sauvage makes my mouth water. It's been almost a year. Maybe one day again.