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  1. A buddy of mine gave me a wonderful single malt scotch tasting a couple weekends back and last weekend another friend did the same with some of his favorite rums... I figured I should probably return the favor with some of the absinthe I have. I don't have a huge variety at the moment but this is what I've got (well, what I have that I'm willing to share at least ) 1901, Roquette, WW, MoL, and Authentique. In which order do you think I should offer these?
  2. I spent almost a month in Cambodia in January. I went to a couple absinthe bars and wasn't terribly impressed. I'm glad I didn't find my way to this place...
  3. I love dogfish head! I wish we could get it here in MO.
  4. My bottle has been sitting in Chicago since Thursday morning... I'm growing impatient. Rawr
  5. Gardening is one of my hobbies. I grow several different heirloom tomatoes, okra, squash, peppers, and a handful of herbs. I've recently expanded my gardening area and I would LOVE to start a little absinthe garden! I've been looking around the net and there is no shortage of A.a. seeds available. On the other hand, I can't find pontica seeds anywhere. As I browse through these websites some of the pictures that are tagged with the A.a. seeds definitely don't like like A.a.? Can any of you recommend a good place to find both A.a. and pontice seeds? Thanks!
  6. I agree! It has been proven that hookahs smoke better while surrounded by good friends. I have a travel size hookah (that has a nifty travel bag) that I bring with me whenever going out to meet up with friends. Having it out in public is also a good way to meet new people - it's an excellent conversation piece!
  7. Classy case! You may have just inspired me to make my own!
  8. Welcome I'm sorry to hear about your Jade! That's just terrible!
  9. Slow cookers are great! The other day I was making a chicken and herb dish that I like and I decided to throw in a couple boxes of raisins just to see what happened. It turned out delicious! That's sounds interesting. I'll have to try that!