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  1. This is made locally to me, one town over in fact. They don't have fire marshal clearance for guests yet but it is coming soon. They currently make a vodka and this absinthe. I bought some for Christy for Christmas and we both enjoyed it. Very clean.
  2. Just added some redux and 2 bottles of green villain from this years run.
  3. We picked up 2 bottles of green villain today.
  4. Here's our current stash: Strangely, a goth night in Athens with $5 Lucid got us back into absinthe after a sort of long hiatus (minus the purchase of the Copper & King, which I was quite happy with really). I was pretty happy with the Lucid (first time having it) after we got them making it right, they were serving 1-1, woof that was hard to swallow!
  5. I've only had one bottle of each of your offerings (waaaay back when it was Ridge) but they were both on my favorites for sure. I wish there was a place that stocked you locally, it would make it so much easier for me to pick up more. I think your blanche is my favorite of the blanches we have had.
  6. I found a legitimately tasty use for Mephisto (besides sugar cookies, damn it is good in sugar cookies). Mephisto and ginger ale!
  7. This time with Karlsson's Gold Vodka. It is a potato vodka that is only distilled once and not filtered so it has a nice, earthy flavor. Seemed like a perfect liquor to age.
  8. Any clear liquor. Here is my thread on aging Clandestine: http://wormwoodsociety.org/forums/topic/8335-my-barrel-aged-absinthe-experiment/
  9. I'm going to call this a success! We just shared a serving so we wouldn't use too much if it wasn't there yet. It's there. Hard to believe this was clear 5 days ago. Louche is a muddy affair: Taste...hmm. I found La Clandestine to be a bit over powering before. I liked it but it was almost always the last drink of the evening for me. It also seemed much more potent than its low (for absinthe) abv %. Now, it seems more balanced and anise forward but with a mellowness brought forth by the wood. It's slightly woody but not over powering. Picture drinking a glass of absinthe next to a campfire. We are going to re-bottle, wash the stave and do a bottle of vodka next.
  10. Sorry, Vanna was on a fiber break and I bought the wrong vowel.
  11. It hasn't changed the flavor as far as taking away at all yet. It might over long periods of time. Given the small area it probably does a year's aging in two weeks (a 1l barrel is 59 days to equivilent age) and at that point it might start being an issue. So far though, the couple sips I have taken taste like La Clandestine with some woodiness...very slight at this point but getting moreso every day.
  12. I think the problem would be mixing it in. We have some maple agave nectar from Trader Joe's, it's a lot thinner, might mix in but we don't add sweetener to ours.
  13. I have enjoyed everything I have tried from Corsair. I had a bottle of their quinoa whiskey recently and have some triple smoke now. Good stuff.
  14. A little update. Turtle Creek has opened a new store off 316 (same exit as the old store) and has: Duplais Verte Duplais Blanche Brevans HR Giger Pacifique Heritage Leopold Corsair Red St. George Vieux Carre Vieux Pontarlier Pernod 29 liquor in Lawrenceville has: Green Villian
  15. I guess we will just see what our whim brings us. Kinda thinking of trying another bottle of Corsair Red. I know we tried Heritage and didn't hate it like some of you folks. I do agree that it is sweet, but I don't find it as sickly sweet as some have commented and we both love grape base.
  16. Seems like the general consensus is to not bother with Duplais. Anyone try the Brevan's?
  17. Today it looks much the same as yesterday (only more). It has taken on a maple like smell (along with the anise), I sipped a small sample neat and there is a slight flavor there. I think the initial thought of pulling on Friday will stand. I am getting very excited, I want to make sure we don't over do it.
  18. Sorry, my choices are: Duplais Duplais Blanche Brevens Giger I put a poll up but its kind of hard to see. We haven't tried any of those so want to get something new and they are available locally.
  19. Based on having the following: Absente (we all have dark corners in our closet) Mephisto (ditto) Mansinthe Kuebler Vieux pontarlier* Vieux carre* St. George Leopold Bros* Green Villian* Marteau* Ridge* Ridge Blanche* Pacifique* Meadow of Love Blues Cat Obsello Corsair Red La Clandestine Heritage *indicates a favorite Which of the three in the poll would you have next, and why?