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  1. Hey everyone, need a lil help here! i just noticed a bottle of mine had a minor leak and what seems to be a lil hole on top of the cork thru the plastic portection. should i consume the bottle quickly? or can i save it for a lil while longer?
  2. i see it seems like all stores are already out of stock... when was it discontinued?
  3. Anyone out there knows where i can get a bottle of sauvage? website or phisical store?
  4. oh man i tottaly forgot about the VAT! you must be right. thanks!
  5. im pretty new in this absinthe world and i was wondering which one to get. I have a bottle of Jade edouard and one of François guy... but i would really like to know whats the best one for you guys, like THE best absinthe out there?....of course the ones still in production today!
  6. i got a V.S. 1898 at vert d'absinthe for 85 instead of the 65 announced on the website
  7. My folks went to Paris and aperantly the production stopped but there are still some left with a much higher price, for example in the own vert d'absithe website which says its 69 and its actually close or higher then 100 euros....
  8. I heard that belle amie is no longer in production is that a fact?