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  1. Then you've just not had a good one! When you forego the coloring herbs you get the pure spirit of absinthe! And a truly quality distillation of the white will just shine!
  2. Howdy, good to meet ya. But you can keep the absinthe tails......oh wait! You said "tales", nevermind. Welcome aboard!
  3. Can only go up from there! Cheers. I hear Texas sucks for shipping quality absinthe though. If that's the case.....sorry.
  4. Damn decent. Hey, I lost your address, can you pm me it?
  5. Eagle Rare Kentucky bourbon. I'm taking a real liking to this one. It has lately become my daily sip.
  6. Holy Smokes! You were here when I started in 2011. Last post 4 yrs ago. Hell of a return from the dead post! Cheers. Love the Mt. Defiance myself.
  7. Shitfuckdamn! Just spilled my Lagavulin 8 all over the table. Sad, pathetic thoughts came to mind as it dripped off the edge and onto the floor. Came to my senses and grabbed a towel.
  8. Thank y'all. Just cracked my first of this KBS 2018 edition. Hotdamn! That's good. Boozy, bourbony, good barrel char in the mix, burnt coffee beans , dark chocolate, and wet leather. What more could you ask for? Now I remember why I buy this every year when it comes out.
  9. Cheers to you fine folks! Long time no read. Seems it anyway, but maybe not that long. Good to be in your fine company again. Finishing off this wee bottle.