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  1. :( sorry. was hitting the 'reply' button below the last post. I'm accessing the site via remote-session and that reply button happens to be the fastest one to get to fighting some screen/scroll delay. I'll fight that urge (or at least delete the <quote> text). Mea maxima culpa. PM incoming. Thank you
  2. Well, if it's really invasive, I'll just have to work hard to harvest as much as I can and keep it as contained as possible. Otherwise, I'll just have to put more edible/culinary things into the garden to make the gf happy What's the best way to work out a deal/trade/beg/borrow some seed/rhizomes for glacialis, pontica, etc? (i'm looking for something that will be good for a genepi infusion). I have some Maryland tobacco miniatures (7"-12" tall) to trade ;-) It's Winter time and I need an excuse to keep my grow kit lit up. Seems that's the only real *daylight* I get to see when I'm not in the office. Luscious Oily Lesbians!.
  3. ahhh... Perique! I had some nice homemade Perique from a guild member. Had the Louisiana Red Burley nice and big, then color cured + pressed in an oak box/barrel under some giant dead-weights. really yummy stuff. smelled like currants and raisins! I'm curious what a liqueur made from tobacco would taste like. Luscious Oily Lesbians!.
  4. don't forget that a lot of those 'turkish' varieties are grown in the foothills and lower-mountain regions. also in Afghanistan/Pakistan. very cold at night, even in summer. shorty seasons. yes. Down here in Central FL, we get pretty warm* all year round. I can pack about 3 seasons, 2 comfortably. I lost last season's Havana due to perfect-storm of lubbers, hornworms, then target spot. :( Black Mammoth and Poquonoc did REALLY well in my yard, but seemed very high in nicotine for me I had picked up the Havana (H143? i don't think they were H503) transplants from a grower on the howtogrowtobacco guild forums. I only have enough yard for about 30 plants (before the girlfriend notices the yard/garden takeover. I'm hoping to fill in some of the other areas with growbags of genepi and maybe pontica for some vodka infusions
  5. I've been growing for a couple of years. Active on a couple of grower forums. Kinda migrated over here b/c I love Genepi and am trying to come up with an infusion to match it :D I just wanted to get a show of hands of anyone who also might be a fellow tobacco farmer or home-hobbyist like myself growing for pipe and cigars currently in garden: Maryland A30 currently curing: Black Mammoth & Zimmer Spanish currently in humidor: Key West Cigar Co KeyWestSunset (2005/2006) Camacho's Baccarat:TheGame Churchills CAO Sopranos single Homerolled Havana/MCY stogies.
  6. I found the forums while doing a Google search for glacial wormwood and recipes for *Genepi. I had never really liked strong absinthe, but liked it lighter and sweeter. A buddy of mine had acquired an 'essence' ampule for something called 'genepi'. mixed with some sugar syrup and added to a bottle of vodka, this delicious mix really made me happy. alpine-y and fresh, vegetal and herbal, but not like jaeger. it was the only ampule he had and the company that made them is no longer. :( This was a few years ago and I've been on/off again hunting for a way to make this via an infusion. I had found someone on eb@y selling the dried herbs, but would love to try and grow some in my garden. I am familiar with beer and mead making (15yrs brewing) and took up growing and processing tobacco (2 years now). I would love to add herbal infusions to my activities. so as not to get on the admins' bad sides, if anyone has any good information regarding purchasing dried glacial wormwood, or even better - the seeds, I would be most gracious for a private message from you. I look forward to adding the Wormwood Society to my list of active places to post about my hobbies Thank you.