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  1. I know a guy that has a Mohawk Absinthe bottle and perhaps 300-400ml of that absinthe.
  2. Welcome to the Forum! Fun stuff!
  3. Yeah. The short story is, what's the difference between a verte and a blanche?
  4. Welcome Bill. What G~ said. Add to that, high quality traditional coloring herbs (melissa, pontica, hyssop) are becoming easier to find. Not only are they traditional but favorably add to the flavor. Nettle? Not so much.
  5. If it's sporting a "Ridge" label, it has some age to it! Ridge is now Vilya Spirits and has been for a couple of years. More recently, Julie and I have passed the distillery controls to dear friend and fellow artist Dr. Jaz. Vilya has moved from the mountains of Montana to the mountains of Oregon and I know great things are coming!
  6. Correct. There are no added sweeteners in absinthe.
  7. Vilya has never added sugar. Never will.
  8. Hah! Look what I found hiding in the back of a liquor cabinet!
  9. Their rendition of a Sazerac does not look tempting on any level. I also suspect they may be hearing from the Gosling Bro.s' attorneys too.