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  1. Any news on the development of the Duplais replicas?
  2. Holy shit, Miguel actually made good sense.
  3. And others start out nice, then turn yucky. Then after about another year, turn out even better than when they were first opened.
  4. I tried some of the ambergris tincture you sent me in a recent fish house punch I made. It really does add a whole new dimension.
  5. For lower abv absinthes (50% +/-) I start at 2:1, then sip and add until I'm happy. For anything over 60%, I start at 3:1. I have found that bluefinger guy's chart to be a quite handy reference. I have a laminated copy of it I keep on the bar.
  6. You are a good man, Peter. And a snark after my own heart at times.
  7. Darjeeling this morning. With a splash of drambuie.
  8. I guess I won't be trying to get a bottle of this shipped up to me.
  9. Looks like I have yet another reason to get down that way.
  10. I'm sipping on a 1934 Rhum Chauvet. It is not the best Rhum I have but it deserves thoughtful consideration. I'll see you peckerwoods later.
  11. It's cold, so I'm going to fix up a toddy with lunch. It was nice to get drunk texts from a few absinthe friends last night.
  12. After waxing nostaglic about Spain, some Obsello Special Reserve gifted to me a while back from another member here. Quite interesting stuff.