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  1. I was born and grew up right out of St. Paul (no I'm not a Montanain). It's really nice to hear that I can find it now back there as I usually make a trip a year to the cities.
  2. Going to be making a trip to Seattle in May, now we know what I'll be asking for everywhere, do most bars carry it? I'm afraid to ask for it here, more afraid if they actually bring me a glass of something - no where sells it.
  3. When you use the term livestock barn or anything of the like I'm always curious to experiance it myself for whatever reason... However I don't want to waste this wonderful northern MT blanche on it ...
  4. I came across the name under the wiki article for bloody Mary where it says abinthe replaces the vodka; did a search for recipes and they all call for cranberry juice and tonic water instead of tomato juice, which makes much more sense taste wise. Still very curious on how it would taste in a bloody Mary recipe, a part of me thinks it might actually work with the right ingredients.
  5. Just came across it by chance, curious if anyone has ever tried it (a bloody mary made with absinthe instead of vodka).
  6. We all know that no excuse is better then to meet the wonderful people at Ridge, everything else is just a post mortem. As much as I would love to buy it a case at a time, I don't think I could last the time it took me to save up for it; I make minimum wage bathing dogs, and most aren't the best tippers... We aren't big on skiing or snowboarding, but camping/fishing/hunting would definatly get us up there year round. Jules - I would love to take the time off to meet you if you do make a trip down here!
  7. If I can't figure anything else out I just might have to!
  8. So I just tried another place, no where here seems to be willing to do special orders by the bottle, and it hurts in deep dark places being in Montana and unable to buy anything more then Lucid. When I asked about it the response was "well we have this" as she points to the bottles of Absente... I'm not in a small city either, but I guess I can't get my hopes up when Dairy Queen and Perkins are voted two of the top restaraunts, and the higher end places to eat serve sliced up deli meat and cheese from walmart as an appitizer.
  9. Oh my, I forgot about the candles! Don't worry no plastic will be involved, but sorry, nothing big enough for me to fit into . Absinthe cake sounds great, only problem is the only absinthe I'll have is what's being given to him. I'm going to do instead a chocolate coffee rum toasted marshmellow layer cake.
  10. As I said in my intro, I'm here beause I'm getting my boyfriend real absinthe (as opposed to the absente and other imitations he says taste great) and am curious if anything else can be added to make this gift even better, besides more bottles of course. I've got nice cups, pitcher for water, dish for sugar, and two bottles and spoons on their way. Anything else, useful or just for fun? I want to bake him a cake too that will match with the drinks, so if anyone has any ideas I'll eat them up! Got until the second of Jan to put it all together.
  11. Nice, sounds like I'll have to do some experimenting with some of the local herbals.